QB: Drone 2

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Tart AU Line-Up

Apparently all of the saves got corrupted and I have had to revert to saves on my external.  After gathering all of the files up, Marzipan and Banana have no saves and are therefore cancelled.  Chai Tea, Holly Berry, Mocha, Cinnamon and Candy Cane are still going.  Holly Berry had to be restarted (you saw last update) and Chai Tea lost Drone 2 and a few kids.  Everyone else has no losses that I know of.

Holly Berry (Homemaker Challenge) will be first (and already posted).
Chai Tea (Queen Bee) will go next.
Mochaccino (NGC) will get back to his baby making.
Cinnamon (Black Widow) will get back to murder.
Candy Cane (Completion Challenge) is still trying to get shit done.

I am not sure how often they will be updated, but I am trying (cross your fingers) for at least once or twice a week.

QB: Drone 1

Chai Tea had no clue what to do after losing the heir poll.  At least she was not a complete failure like her two sisters who only got a single vote each.  Cinnamon has already chosen to do a Black Widow challenge and Holly Berry is well on her way doing a Random Legacy.


Chai Tea had moved out the second the poll was over and SP put her in a house near her family.  The only thing exciting to happen was that she was no longer restricted to the base game only.

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