This will hopefully be updated after every drone moves out with the offspring.

  • + One bonus point for each toddler who learns all toddler skills – walk, potty, talk – before aging to child.
  • 36 points
  • + One bonus point for each set of NATURAL twins – no cheats, and no fertility treatment reward on either you or your drones.
  • 10 points.
  • + Two points for each NATURAL set of triplets.
    2 Points
  • – 10 points for EACH child taken by a social worker.
  • – 1 point for each extra child you must produce to replace a child who is taken by social worker, or child who dies before becoming a teen. (additionally, these will need to be made on a different drone – NO drone may father more than six of your children.)
  • – 20 points for any death on your lot other than due to old age.
  • – 10 points for any drone who is not able to get his quota of six offspring and take them to his “Nursery” house to rear them. (i.e. he dies before having his kids and moving out with them – this will be in ADDITION to the death on lot score hit – partially to penalize for having to find a replacement drone for the dead one.)
  • – 5 points for each time you are caught cheating on your current drone. That doesn’t mean you can’t cheat on them, just that you lose points for getting caught. Also, if you have a baby from a drone that is NOT your current live-in drone/caretaker, you lose an additional 5 points.
  • -5 points.  Drone 1 accused Beelinda of cheating because her dead romantic interest had not risen from the grave.  She has since gotten the No Jealousy reward.
  • – 10 points for each time you have to get engaged to get your current drone to “Try for Baby”.
  • Not scoring this.  I got engaged to see if that unlocks the move in together option (she was already pregnant) and no it did not work for me.   Other than that one time, no engagements.
  • + 5 Bonus points for each drone that you can move in and have children with without ever “going steady” – i.e. getting to the “boyfriend” stage. (Staying at the “Romantic Interest” stage) (I think this is possible?? Correct me, someone if I’m wrong…)
  • I am on Drone 3, no option to move in ever showed up.  1 tried to do the engagement, 2 were boyfriends.  Update:  She is a heartbreaker, she has to have the 10 boyfriends.
  • + 5 points for each skill your queen bee gets to level 10, and 1 additional point for each skill challenge completed (example: “Menu Maven” in cooking)
  • +5  Logic
  • +1 Master chemist
  • +5 Cooking
  • +1 Menu Maven
  • +5 Riding – book reading only
  • +5 Gardening – book reading only
  • +5 Handiness
  • +5 Painting
  • +1 Brush Master
  • +1 Proficient Painter
  • +1 Master Painter
  • +5 Mixology – book reading only
  • +5 Photography – book reading only
  • +5 Martial Arts – book reading only
  • +5 Nectar Making – book reading onlyTotal through Drone 4 – +55 points
  • + 10 points for every career your queen be gets to level 10 (this excludes the daycare profession, see below for that)
  • Never gonna happen.  She currently has 20 days of maternity leave.  Got a mod to kill off maternity leave.   
  • +10 – Level 10 painter.
  • + 5 points for each level of the “Daycare” profession level you reach. – thats a whopping 25 points if you can handle being a level 5 daycare professional. (To get the 5 points for level 5, you must remain a certified Daycare professional for 7 days before switching careers – to prove you can make it at that level)
  • +5 – Quit after level 1  
  • + 15 points for getting your Lifetime Wish complete
  • +15 – Surrounded by Family
  • + 1 point for each type of magical gnome you get (each one can only be counted once). (for the world adventures gnomes, I believe you can get them by placing the Egyptian, Chinese, and French Catacombs in your city, and exploring them. ~this needs confirmation) All other gnomes are acquired normally. (yes, the baby, child, teen, elder magical gnomes each count – but only the first time you get one.
  • + 1 point for each child you are actively at a “friend” status with at the time of scoring (end of game) – + 2 points if you’re at “best friend” status! (or at the time of their death, provided that they don’t die until AFTER they are teens – again, this will take watching the family tree)
  • There will be points for amount of money in your “hive treasury” at game end, as well as your home and property value, I just haven’t put any thought into that yet…
  • I can’t score this.  She pays out $6,000 a day in child support.  I zeroed out the child support option in Story Progression.  
  • ~still working on this one~ – additionally, through testing, these point values might change, but I will be sure to make a note of the change so you know what happened.
Updated through Drone 6 – 4/11/12

2 thoughts on “Scoring

  1. Let me state, that I do know how to break up with a ghost, just at the time Beelinda was accused of cheating, Sinbad had not emerged from the grave yet, so it was impossible.

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