NGC: Chapter 4

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Welcome back to my NGC where we try to spell out Mochaccino’s name with babies.

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NGC: Chapter 3

Previously: Mochaccino was forced to start a Name Game Challenge.  He met and married Victoria Perennial-Fire and proceeded to bring forth a ton of 3-letter children:  Mac, Mae, Oda, Ora, Caz, Cal, Chi, Hai and Hal.  Sadly it’s nine kids but only 4-letters of Mochaccino’s name is done.  We need to find a way to extend Victoria’s life now.

If you are keeping tabs, that is NINE kids for the letters M O C H, three sets of twins and one set of triplets.

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The family gets a fresh start in Appaloosa Plains.

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NGC: Chapter 1


Mochaccino:  You want me to do what?
I want you to finally complete my friend Fiona’s Name Game Challenge because I keep failing it and it’s time to try again.
Mocha:  You did see how long my name is right?
Well, I am going to change up the rules a bit.  Twins/triplets will not have to share the same letter. I promise.

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