FM: Chapter 2

Sunday Week 2, Day 1


Reid was still crying at Marzipan’s work when he got off.  So he was able to get some fun time in.



Even though he was exhausted, Marzipan heads over to meet #11 Ervin.


#1 Victoria


#2 Delores both age up to child.

Monday, Week 2, Day 2


Sometime after midnight, Marzipan sat straight up in bed wanting to snuggle unknown twins.  I eventually found Siobahn in labor.


#12 Annette


#13 Anita.  Again, twin girls.



Teagan gives birth to another boy.  #14 Denver.  Levi does not seem to be happy that he has a new brother and another on the way already.

Tuesday, Week 2, Day 3


Just after midnight, Marzipan adds another set of twins by Shannon.


Marzipan arrives to greet the twins, and also finds that #4 Naomi


and #5 Francesca have aged up to child.


Back to the newest twins, we have #15 Ismael


and #16 Geneva.  Our first set of mixed twins.  Shannon’s nasty genes are officially retired.

Marzipan makes a note to visit Levi and see him as a child too after he gets off school.



At some point, Sarah Dolan sneaks in #17 Cameron. I don’t even remember her getting pregnant a second time.


We are then rushing over to Shauna’s house again.  We find #18 Doyle


and #19 Shasta.  Another set of mixed twins.

Shauna is now happily married to Riley Cromos and she is being left alone.  For now.



We are then making a mad dash over to Aislin’s house where we meet #20 Kathy.  She has the most extreme coloring so far!   She is absolutely adorable.

Marzipan had to get to work, so we will do kid checks now.  I do think he has no more children due today.  I can’t believe it’s still only Tuesday.


I finally tracked down #3 Levi


and #6 Reid, who finish off our belated Monday age ups.

Now off to our Tuesday night age ups—


#7 Crissy


#8 Tammy


#9 Veronica


#10 Shellie


and #11 Ervin

Wednesday, Week 2, Day 4

Marzipan is holding steady at 20 kids, 12 girls and 8 boys with only 8 mothers so far.  He has been too busy with all the kids to even think about the last two girlfriends he needs for his LTW.


While Marzipan is earning level 3 in culinary, I watch all the visitors to the lot.  I can’t remember her name, but this is a new immigrant to watch out for.


Will you please leave your ex-wife alone!  Geez!  Right behind you is a new immigrant who thinks your hot and lookie!  Sophie Dwyer finally aged up and crossed our path again.


Samantha Mint-Perennial took a lot of convincing, but she eventually fell for Marzipan’s charms.  She is married and so we just had her tour City Hall before sending her on her way.

A quick before bed check shows that 6 5 women are pregnant.  Marzipan is happy to report that only four three of them are his.

**Emma went into labor just as I was about to save and quit.  She pops out #21 Markus at 3:19 am.**


She was literally going into labor while I was getting Ervin’s age up picture.  How funny because I never even really noticed her in the trees.


Girlfriends for Heartbreaker LTW:  8/10

Sarah Dolan.
1. Victoria
2. Delores
17. Cameron

Teagan MacAnna.
3. Levi
14. Denver

Shannon MacAnna.
4. Naomi
5. Francesca.
15. Ismael
16. Geneva.

Chloe O’Reilly.
6. Reid.

Shauna O’Connell.
7. Crissy
8. Tammy.
18. Doyle|
19. Shasta

Aislinn Walsh.
9. Veronica
10. Shellie

Thursday, Week 2, Day 5


We pick up right where we left off, with #21 Markus having his birthday right where his mom dropped him and ran off somewhere.


Although Marzipan wants to head over and snuggle Markus, he also wants Samantha to be his girlfriend.


She broke off her marriage for our Family Man and was quite ecstatic when he wanted to marry her too.


If you recall, Marzipan and Samantha toured City Hall the night before.

Marzipan:  Please don’t puke on my feet.
She didn’t and ran inside to the bathroom.


Marzipan:  I’m very sorry.  I don’t actually want to break up with you, but I do need to complete my LTW.

Needless to say, it did not go over well and Samantha is now very unhappy.


Although she is a bit face one-ish, she still has potential and Marzipan has designs on her already.


They finally made it to  romantic interests, but Marzipan never go the option to ask Francine Colada-Twizz to be his girlfriend.  (I made her active and she had an out of town boyfriend).  Marzipan decided to just have a quickie in the photo booth and go home for the night.


Before he could leave, he heard #20 Kathy crying.  She was dirty and hungry so he changed, snuggled and fed her before carrying on home.


It was overcast and rainy when the next batch of immigrants moved in.  He quickly left the house before 6am and met up with Stacia Meadow-Spice.  With his maxed charisma skill, they were best friends in no time, but she ran off home.


Of course this did not deter Marzipan.  He just followed her home.  He proceeded to get girlfriend #10 and get her pregnant before heading to the next house on our list.

TS3W 2015-02-01 16-25-46-27

It took almost two game hours (and I thought it was never going to be completed), but it did finally show up!


When he got to the next house, he was finally able to snuggle #21 Markus.


No sooner did he wish to skill up Markus, that #22 Christel was born.  With his LTW completed, he had a ton of free time on his hands and went to snuggle her, potty trained her the regular way and then skill stamped her when he finally wanted other skills.

Marzipan knocked Siobahn Murphy back up.  She is the mother of #11 and #12, Anita and Annette who are also still toddlers.


That afternoon, Marzipan was invited to a costume party where he saw at least four of his kids and Stacia.


Stacia:  Help, I’m being molested be a wiener!



Marzipan convinced her to marry him after he assured her that he would not ever break her heart.


Marzipan had just gotten home when he got word that #23 Lane was born to Teagan MacAnna.

Current Breakdown:

Toddlers:  #12-23

Children: #1-11
Boys:  9
Girls:  14


Francine Colada-Twizz
Samantha Tart (ex-wife)
Siobahn Tart (ex-wife)
Stacia Tart (current wife)

Friday, Week 2, Day 6

Not sure why Thursday took so long, it might be because #21 Markus was born just after midnight.


Marzipan heads over to snuggle Lane a little past midnight.  He chose not to impregnate Teagan at this time and instead went home.


I sent Stacia out to change jobs from culinary to music and she came right home to go to bed.  First she had to do her maternity spin and then I had to have her send a break up text to her out of world HUSBAND.  Not sure why this is happening, but at least we can do this by text instead of inviting foreign visitors.


Evil Mr. Gnome watches Marzipan make some veggie rolls before bed.


After his nap, he fixes all the stuff that has been broken.  He then trolls the online dating forum and sends out some feelers to the ladies in town.


Marzipan heads to the theater for an opportunity.  Nora Lawless got a facelift while we waited.


She seemed pretty excited to see him, so Marzipan chatted with her for a little bit.

My daughter-in-law called, so I missed him touring the theater with Jennifer Burb, so yet another baby is on the way.


Stacia listens to the guitar tabcast while cleaning the house.  She was so busy that she never heard Marzipan sneak out of the house for a date with Emma Delaney.


I believe we retired Emma Delaney, so it was a quiet, platonic date before sending Marzipan home just before midnight.

Emma Delaney.
11. Ervin
21. Markus

Siobahn (Murphy).
12. Annette
13. Anita


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