QB: Drone 2

TS3W 2016-05-10 07-59-53-19

TS3W 2016-05-07 10-04-37-62

Welcome back!  Chai Tea is going on a search for Drone 2 this update.

CT:  You left me outside, in the cold.  I’m turning blue.

Do do you realize that your mom was blue.  It could just be your skintone…..Or the fact that it was winter and I just deleted all the snow and turned it spring.

All the CC in my game is gone, so CT did just get another makeover.

TS3W 2016-05-07 13-41-31-61

I’m not sure why, but VCR’s trait chips are all missing.  CT immediately heads in to make replacements.

TS3W 2016-05-07 13-49-16-57

While CT is eating and heading off to bed, VCR fixes and cleans everything in the house.

TS3W 2016-05-07 14-17-24-62

Word around town is that there is a new resident.  His name is Otis Meadow-Taffy.  Since SP is set to only immigrate single men, we know this will be our next Drone.

TS3W 2016-05-07 14-18-58-38

CT was so eager, that she heads over even though it is almost midnight.

TS3W 2016-05-07 14-20-17-55

This nameless wonder was also an immigrant.  I saw the green hair and deleted him from town.  Drone 1 had green hair (not to mention the current Gen of Tart’s), so I am sick of it.

TS3W 2016-05-07 16-51-05-29

This cutie came to visit, but he/she is an elder, so we didn’t kidnap it.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-15-34-89

After work, Chai Tea does some random skilling while kids music blasts.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-25-49-99

VCR and Otis don’t really do anything most of the time.  Just sit around or play on the computer.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-30-41-51


TS3W 2016-05-07 17-31-20-02

and Rigatoni became teens.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-41-14-36

Otis gets started on making potions.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-46-58-60

Guy Lace-Voorhees has moved to town.  As a fairy, he will live a long time and is therefore on the short list for Drone 3.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-48-18-18

Unless your simself is a slut and grabbed him for herself.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-50-28-08

Chai Tea found out she was pregnant and Otis blew himself up in shock.

TS3W 2016-05-07 17-54-37-09

Otis spends a lot of time blowing himself up. He also enjoys breaking the all-in-one bathroom too.

TS3W 2016-05-07 18-09-49-09

Chai Tea makes a late night dinner.  Her cooking level is pretty low, so no cooking trait chip for VCR yet.

TS3W 2016-05-07 18-10-42-22


TS3W 2016-05-07 18-12-36-95

Even though there is grilled cheese fresh off the stove, Otis insists on eating rotten waffles.

TS3W 2016-05-07 20-17-40-30

It’s pretty boring around here.  They both go to work and come home.  Chai Tea is telling the mirror that she is the most charismatic of them all.

TS3W 2016-05-10 07-59-53-19

I had CT head outside to hit up the Tree of Prosperity, but she started taking two steps, changing clothes, two more steps, change clothes.  It took about a two sim hours of this before I just reset her ass and sent her to bed.  Now ignore the fact that her room looks like she decorated ala Goodwill and get ready for a baby!

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-12-51-40

Not a single thing in the house is decorated apparently.  I just added two cribs and I’m crossing my fingers for twins.  Drone 2 (I can’t remember his name offhand) kept switching off the kidz music.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-17-04-41

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-20-16-07

Points for twins!  It’s a mixed set at that.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-27-42-56

Chai Tea went and rocked with Velvet until Otis woke up and ate.  The two soon got started on the next pregnancy while I made sure more kids music was heard everywhere.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-31-03-72

Luckily Love Day fell on CT’s normal day off.  She made skill boosters while Otis continued to blow himself up on his quest to learn how to make the Young Again Potion.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-32-29-09

She didn’t even need to drink her skill booster!

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-36-29-06

VCR is really good with the twins.  She got them changed and then took off for the Argyle Sinclair Opportunity.  While she was gone, CT kept trying to learn all the alchemy recipes and Otis made two more potions before heading up to care for lonely babies.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-40-40-16

Without telling Otis she was leaving, CT head’s to her mom’s house for a party where she meets potential Drone 3, Guy Lace-Voorhees in his very manly kilt.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-43-30-93

I’m not sure how my simself talked her way into the party, but whatever.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-47-28-17

Jarod Periwinkle-Bliss might be a new immigrant.  He could be a potential Drone if he lives long enough.  I didn’t see anyone else there other than Finn (Drone 1).

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-55-11-12

Chai Tea braved being inappropriate to make some potent friendship potions.  She used one on her mom, but then the party ended.

TS3W 2016-05-10 08-55-22-31

I saw this when CT was throwing the elixir.  I can probably still convince him to be Drone 3, but I won’t if they get married.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-00-19-90

On her way home, Chai Tea stopped off the Consignment Emporium and cleaned out her inventory.  She bought recipes and some cheap skill books while she was there.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-09-16-78

CT had just learned how to make the procreation elixir when she did her maternity spin.  I think she will makes some to keep on hand for next time.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-11-43-84

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-11-58-85

Otis is very happy to get hit with a Blessing of the Fae elixir.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-13-37-35

She spends the rest of her pregnancy reading skill books.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-17-40-31

Lima Bean

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-19-18-40

Velvet Bean

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-31-39-16

We interrupt skilling for diaper changes, bottles, tickles and finally potty training.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-35-13-61

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-45-08-86

The first six are all officially teens now.

TS3W 2016-05-10 09-57-14-16

Toddler skills are done for two more points.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-09-03-48

Finally time!  I swear she’s been at the alchemy station forever.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-31-40-04

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-35-09-22

It’s twin girls this time!  Chai Tea is pretty darn excited that the carpool just showed up and she will be gone all day.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-42-55-74

Chai Tea bought herself a present after work.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-47-37-23

Chai Tea and Otis didn’t escape my clutches for long.  Soon, baby 5 (and hopefully 6) was cooking.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-50-51-31

Upstairs in the nursery, we find out for sure that Velvet is just a bit smarter than her brother.  She learned all her skills a lot faster than he did.  He tends to get hungry and tired faster than her too.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-53-35-55

Otis can make six potions now.  His newest one was the Sleeping Elixir.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-54-46-46

Chai Tea is still trying to discover the last two elixirs.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-57-01-17

This is the last potty as toddler for these two.

TS3W 2016-05-10 11-01-32-09

TS3W 2016-05-10 11-09-33-25

Can a kid really be mean and good?

TS3W 2016-05-10 11-03-39-99

They did get cakes, but the babies were in the red, so I was upstairs trying to get them dealt with.

TS3W 2016-05-10 10-08-06-18

TS3W 2016-05-12 17-51-35-01

My simself and that Guy guy had Ken and just announced a new baby.

TS3W 2016-05-12 17-59-27-62

TS3W 2016-05-12 18-02-50-38

The girls aged up.  It’s a day early, but they are super high maintenance and driving everyone nuts.

TS3W 2016-05-12 19-55-07-78

We interrupt the ride home from work for pregnancy spin.  I hope this is twins, which means we’re almost done with this long ass update (it has taken 10 days to play it real time).

TS3W 2016-05-14 13-21-33-60

I totally forgot to start toddler training, so VCR was tasked to work until she was forced to shut down.

TS3W 2016-05-14 13-43-00-16

Too bad she did it right after emptying the potties, in the stairwell, while the girls were tired and hungry (and screaming).

TS3W 2016-05-14 13-51-16-57

In her spare time, Chai Tea was trying to get the damn ghost gnome and failing miserably.

TS3W 2016-05-14 13-54-09-07

This is what I have collected from their inventories.

TS3W 2016-05-14 14-02-05-84

It’s getting pretty bad around here.  No one was home and VCR was on another forced shutdown.

TS3W 2016-05-14 14-08-37-31

It took forever, but both girls are finally done with the main toddler skills.

TS3W 2016-05-14 14-12-45-27

Chai Tea:  Repeat after me: “Please be twins!”  Repeat over and over.

TS3W 2016-05-14 14-17-35-41

TS3W 2016-05-14 14-19-11-31

TS3W 2016-05-14 14-22-50-32

Chai Tea:  Okay which one of you said, “Triplets instead of twins?”

I think Chickpea is the girl, the other two are boys.

TS3W 2016-05-14 15-16-47-18

The family went to a party and the babysitter sat in this one spot for 4 hours.  Everyone had to come home because the social worker was threatening to take the brats.

I ended up setting her on fire and then when she poofed, I had Chai Tea call her back and we killed her off.

It took two days to get the kids out of the red.  I only know this because I got the triplet’s birthday notification, but then they missed their birthdays because I had to reset the lot.

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-08-59-98

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-23-15-68

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-24-57-12

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-26-58-63

Black-Eyed Pea has some issues, but I finally got that fixed.

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-28-33-63

Garbanzo ended up with floating woman hair, but that was easily fixed.

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-40-43-46

Otis:  I have a present for you that I made myself.
Chai Tea:  Oh, thanks!  I have something to say to you.

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-41-34-42

Chai Tea:  I think we should just be friends.
Otis:  What?  Why?
Chai Tea:  Because it’s time for me to find a new Drone.

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-50-07-88

Otis:  I want that present back!
CT:  Too late *guzzleguzzlegulp*

TS3W 2016-05-14 17-04-19-62

While Otis heads off to cry and then go to work for an emergency, Chai Tea and VCR got started on toddler training.

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-56-13-35

TS3W 2016-05-14 16-58-25-79

The twins age up later that evening.

TS3W 2016-05-15 10-45-42-99

Meanwhile, at the hospital.

Otis:  WHY?  Why couldn’t she just love me?  *sob* and marry me so I could get rid of this want I have had since our first batch of babies were born.

TS3W 2016-05-15 10-53-49-52

Soybean becomes the most interesting child ever when she got busted by the cops setting a trap in the middle of the night while turning in the Permission Slips.

TS3W 2016-05-15 10-55-46-70

Lima Bean got his turned in without incident and even got him before 11pm.

TS3W 2016-05-15 11-01-13-33

As soon as the last hooligan came home, Otis moves out with his 7 children to the Nursery Family home.

Rule Updates – Because the one I was using was outdated and lame.
Scoring additions:
1 point per $100,000


TS3W 2016-05-14 18-29-40-30

I made a little studio house and each child will be given one when they become YA.

Drone 2 w/kids – All EP’s and SP’s are needed.

A new download page was added for Young Adult offspring with name cards.  I will add them periodically during game play and will notify you at the end of each update who was added.

Added today:

The Family Tree was updated also.


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