BW: Chapter 2


Last time, Cinnamon Tart became the Black Widow.  She has already gone through Daren, the consignment store register guy and TaftLee Cookies.  She also gave birth to two boys, Hot Tamale and Oreo.  Cinnamon has recently brought Candied (Apple) Tart into the household and married him.

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NGC: Chapter 3

Previously: Mochaccino was forced to start a Name Game Challenge.  He met and married Victoria Perennial-Fire and proceeded to bring forth a ton of 3-letter children:  Mac, Mae, Oda, Ora, Caz, Cal, Chi, Hai and Hal.  Sadly it’s nine kids but only 4-letters of Mochaccino’s name is done.  We need to find a way to extend Victoria’s life now.

If you are keeping tabs, that is NINE kids for the letters M O C H, three sets of twins and one set of triplets.

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The family gets a fresh start in Appaloosa Plains.

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