CC: Chapter 2

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-31-16-63

Last time, Candy Cane started a Completion Challenge, met and got engaged to Mortimer Goth, got pregnant and had a Bachelorette party.

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-21-02-49

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-22-22-75

Mortimer:  That must have been some party last night!
CC:  At least you missed the fire.
Mortimer:  Fire?! What happened?
CC:  Your mother decided to cook.
Mortimer:  You let her cook?!
CC: Never again.

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-24-56-53

CC went to a pool party at the Langerak household.  She only stayed long enough to say hi and then went home to bed.

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-26-26-71

Mortimer had stayed home to play his guitar.

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-47-03-24

Mortimer’s day starts off with some deep breaths into a bag.  I am starting to find this annoying.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-13-31-61

CC:  I am calling in sick today *cough*.
Zelda Mae:  That’s fine, see you tomorrow and I hope you feel better.
CC:  Thanks. *cough cough*

TS3W 2015-03-21 09-49-06-60

Yes, yes.  You two are cute.  Now get dressed.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-30-37-48

I do believe that every Tart showed up today!  On the far left you can see Cinnamon’s feet.  Corny did show up and she was forbidden to go anywhere near a stove.

Note:  The party started at 2pm, this is important later.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-30-56-89

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-31-12-51

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-31-29-69

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-31-58-05

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-32-06-33

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-32-57-44

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-33-04-38

The Wedding (+1) went well.  Everyone except Madison VanWatson and one other guest sat down.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-32-15-98

What are you looking at Corny?  I noticed her at one point just starring off into space.
Cornelia:  I’m making sure that VanWatson cow doesn’t eat all the food at the buffet.  You might want to post a guard around the cake.

I missed the picture, but yes Madison had gotten a plate and demolished it while the wedding was going on.

Note:  The time is 6pm.  The lag is in full force.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-34-57-55

CC and Morty have moved on to cut the cake under the drooling stare of Madison.  Most everyone else is still cheering and throwing rice.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-35-14-14

Madison:  Cut the damn cake already!  I’m wasting away into nothing!

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-36-24-48

CC:  Tasty cake!

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-36-56-71

CC finishes her cake in record time.  Madison left before she could eat hers and left it on the table and Ayesha Ansari was able to eat hers before leaving.  Everyone else is still celebrating and throwing rice.

Note:  Time is now approaching 9pm

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-37-37-35

Corny skipped the cake and went straight for the booze juice.

TS3W 2015-03-21 13-38-53-20

These two were “getting frisky” inside.

TS3W 2015-03-21 14-58-59-63

Still celebrating.

TS3W 2015-03-21 15-00-03-57

Marriage consummation while everyone still celebrates.

Note:  The time is 1am.

Since everyone was standing up, I sold off all the wedding accessories out from under their asses.

TS3W 2015-03-21 15-04-00-36

Candy Cane went into labor and I knew this would be perfect to distract everyone.  I had her walk outdoors and everyone stopped celebrating to panic.

TS3W 2015-03-21 15-04-32-74

…and kept panicking.

Morty took CC to the hospital.

TS3W 2015-03-21 15-11-53-14

Everyone left the party, but not the lot.

Note:  It is 7am.  I had Morty and CC ask everyone to leave, but they kept passing out.  It was 2pm before they actually could get the sims to leave.

TS3W 2015-03-21 15-11-12-85

TS3W 2015-03-21 15-12-43-04

The cute fairy is a Candy Cane clone.  The ugly human one is Morty clone.  I cannot recall their names offhand because I was still trying to get sims off the lot at this point.

I reset the town with no luck and then deleted all the service sims and animals with hardly any change.

TS3W 2015-03-21 16-33-03-89

They sold everything and moved to Hidden Springs.

We will meet the kids next time for sure!
Only one thing was scored:  The Wedding Party.

Points:  12


5 thoughts on “CC: Chapter 2

  1. Wow, so much lag. I’ve had parties last for ages, but the sims still get kicked out at 3am as per normal. Strange that only the Tarts were affected, though; and not the active ones either. Methinks the Tarts just want to kill you outright.
    Am I right in assuming the extended Tart family didn’t join CC and Morty in Hidden Springs?

    1. They did get kicked out at 3am. My sims NEVER leave unless you tell them to. It’s so lame. Even on a good save with no lag, they just don’t go home.

      No, Only CC, Morty and the kids went to Hidden Springs. Mochaccino, wife and 10 kids went to Appaloosa Plains today for the same lag. I think just having that many Tart’s in one town is too much.

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