FM: Chapter 1

The weeks will go Sunday through the following Saturday.

Sunday, Day 1, Week 1



Marzipan:  Thanks for the free house.   Now can we go meet some chicks?

Not yet.


Marzipan:  But I already want to go on a date, meet a compatible sign and be in a steady relationship!
You’re going to get attached to these women aren’t you?
Marzipan:  Um.  No?


Since there aren’t any rules really, Marzipan took a class in Charisma and spent some awful amount of money on skill books.  He maxed cooking, logic, and handiness already.  Charisma will be a long road of friends, but he will get there eventually.


Sarah:  Well, hello hot stuff!
Marzipan:  *continues to skill*


Sarah:  Hello!  I’m talking to you!

Marzipan:  Hold on, I’m almost to level 2 in charisma.


Marzipan:  Aw, honey, don’t walk away.  I’m all yours now.


Marzipan, didn’t that book say anything about what happens when you fairy trick people who are mad at you?
Marzipan:  I don’t care.  The bitch wouldn’t let me flirt, ask her sign or flatter her.  Damn prude.


Marzipan:  Now this is more like it.  Bring on all these hot women.

I swear, it’s like they can sense virgin flesh.


Sarah got a bit uptight after Marzipan ignored her to greet the other females.

Marzipan:  Oh, I should take note that even the most fickle bitch likes flowers.

Dear God, I hope you get slapped silly.   Soon.




Things went more smoothly after the flowers, that’s for sure.

Marzipan is a heartbreaker and Sarah Dolan becomes Girlfriend #1.


Marzipan wanted to watch the stars with her, so I figured why not.

Monday, Day 2


Marzipan:  I have no clue where this came from, but it showed up at the perfect time!


After getting his way, Sarah Dolan became an ex-girlfriend.

Later that day—


Marzipan heads to the library where he becomes an instant hit with Teagan MacAnna.


Yeah, I didn’t believe it either and she soon came to her senses and blew him off.


Marzipan is very persistent though and soon Teagan forgets how creepy he is.


After a quickie in the judge’s chambers, Marzipan and Teagan remind me that I have forgotten to set up my mods in this new town.  Teagan also sensed a break up and ran off to work.

*turns off that creepy walk*


That was easily fixed by resetting Teagan and teleporting Marzipan to her house.  He wanted to kiss her first, but that did not stop him from breaking up with her seconds later.

Marzipan:  *whines* But now I want to be friends with both Sarah and Teagan again.



Teagan is apparently too heartbroken to go back to work.  She hangs out and watches her sister get romanced by The Jerk.

Marzipan:  I was on and saw your ad.  I really, really think we should hook up.



Shannon MacAnna was quite interested in what Marzipan was offering.  Marzipan was just stoked he bagged sisters on the same day (just barely).

Tuesday, Day 3


Marzipan:  Wow that was fun!  Let’s do it again.

Shannon:  Um, okay.

Shannon proved not to be as fertile as the other women and it took several rounds to get her knocked up.



Marzipan breaks another heart and leaves the household in misery.


Marzipan’s intermissions are usually spent at home eating, sleeping and recuperating before venturing back out.

Later that day —-


Marzipan: *blows in ear*
Chloe:  *giggles*

Marzipan and Chloe O’Reilly met at the library.


She was surprisingly easy to convince to dump her husband and kids for Marzipan.


She was quite eager to check out the photo booth.


Elsewhere —

Sarah Dolan is sporting her 2nd trimester.


Within minutes of dumping Chloe, Marzipan was all over Shauna O’Connell.


What was sad, was that Marzipan had no clue that her husband was nearby.  After Shauna got busted, she was easy to convince to break up with Seamus.




The rest of the afternoon went predictably, earning Marzipan a night off.

Wednesday, Day 4


Marzipan finally gets rid of his wish to invite someone over.  Aislin Walsh agreed to visit and was over before he hung up the phone.  He reads Charisma book 3 and maxes that skill.


Emma Delaney becomes ex-girlfriend #7

Thursday, Day 5


#1 Victoria


#2 Delores.

Marzipan wakes up with twins.  He immediately wants to hold Delores, so off to meet the girls he goes.  He now wants to Attack someone with a claw, be in a steady relationship and get married.

At this point, I see how Marzipan is and set up a skill stamp for toddlers with only walk, talk and potty training since he will never be able to keep up with all the kids.


Sarah:  You better get off your lazy ass and get a job.  I want $500 a kid, asshole.

Marzipan gets a job in politics.


Siobahn Murphy had just recently married Aaron Finnigan.  This did not stop Marzipan in any way.  He even convinced her to marry him so that he can get the 5,000 points

Friday, Day 6


Upon returning home, Marzipan has some homemade pumpkin pie and then sends Siobahn on her way.

Marzipan:  Thanks for the marriage happiness points.  Yes, he actually made sure that she got her dowry back ($22,000).


Besides wanting Victoria and Delores to age up well, Marzipan also wants to snuggle #3 Levi.


Marzipan snuck off while I was waiting for Levi to age up.  Teagan seems to have forgiven Marzipan for breaking her heart.  One dip kiss and she was his.


#4 Naomi


#5 Francesca


Shannon was late to work and was not interested in Marzipan, but we cannot worry about that now.  Marzipan still needs two girlfriends and he now wants to get married again.


Three of his kids were seen at the park, so of course Marzipan rushed over there too.  For convenience of baby fairies, some toys, a potty and a fairy house were put at the park.  All three toddlers rushed to the fairy house.  It was adorable.


Meanwhile, Shannon was easily seduced for some reason.



At 10:36 pm, #6 Reid was born to Chloe O’Reilly.  Marzipan rushed over to greet him.  He is such a sap for his kids.

Marzipan’s Spidey senses were tingling, of course.

Saturday, Day 7


Marzipan drops Reid like a hot potato and rushes to the park to find Sarah and #1 Victoria.


Marzipan then gets another sense and we rush off to try and be with Shauna, but we got there too late.


#7 Crissy


#8 Tammy.


One dip kiss to extremely irresistible.


Back home he only got about 3 hours of sleep when he popped out of bed for no reason.


It turned out that he wanted to snuggle twins that were not even born yet.  Weirdo.


#9 Veronica


#10 Shellie


Aislin and Marzipan play a bit of kissy face.


Marzipan was at work, so I went on Emma watch.  She went into labor a little while later.


#11 Ervin.  I find it utterly fascinating that all his girls are twins and all the boys are singles.

With Marzipan at work for the next couple of hours and Siobahn not due for at least 24 hours, we can officially call Week 1 done.


Week end tally:

Girlfriends for Heartbreaker LTW:  8/10

1. Sarah Dolan.            Kid #1  Victoria and #2. Delores.
2. Teagan MacAnna.   Kid #3  Levi.
3. Shannon MacAnna. Kid #4  Naomi and #5 Francesca.
4. Chloe O’Reilly.         Kid #6.  Reid.
5. Shauna O’Connell.   Kid #7  Crissy and #8 Tammy.
6. Aislinn Walsh.           Kid #9  Veronica and #10 Shellie
7. Emma Delaney.        Kid #11 Ervin
8. Siobahn (Murphy) Tart.


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