CC: Chapter 2

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Last time, Candy Cane started a Completion Challenge, met and got engaged to Mortimer Goth, got pregnant and had a Bachelorette party.

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FM: Chapter 1

The weeks will go Sunday through the following Saturday.

Sunday, Day 1, Week 1



Marzipan:  Thanks for the free house.   Now can we go meet some chicks?

Not yet.

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Marzipan: The Family Man


What a dork!  I guess he knows something fun is about to happen.

Marzipan Tart is the oldest child of Jade and Sapphire Tart, from my ISBI.  He is in Dragon Valley with the sole purpose of completing the Family Man Challenge.

Changes to Marzipan pre-challenge:  (Hair and eyes belong to the Tart genes) Skin was changed from a light blue to a light purple color on a rainbow slider, not the EA rainbow either.  Traits were changed:  Schmoozer, flirty, irresistible, good kisser, charismatic. Each update will cover a week in the life of Marzipan.

Rules:  Have as many kids as you can with as many women as you can before your sim dies.

Personal Rule:  Due to the ease of baby making with woohooer, Marzipan must get them up to extremely irresistible before woohooing.  Otherwise, he would have 30 kids the first day.  He is also being played straight, although I have done it several times with a gay sim and a bi sim.

Scoring: 1 point per child born.

Unlike a 100 baby challenge, Marzipan does not have to raise his kids or even meet them.

This is published at Naughty Sims Asylum, but I have had requests from people who did not want to register there to repost the challenge.  It is making an official move to the blog.  The forum thread will only have birth and child age up announcements.