HC: Chapter 2


Welcome back to the unknown challenge with Holly Berry Tart.


And the stunning Libra Winters.

Libra Winters:  Hopeless Romantic, Schmoozer, Good sense of humor, Charismatic and Ambitious.  Since she will later not be able to work, her LTW was changed to Golden Fingers, Golden Tongue.

(Most of this update is when they were still challengeless, so no rules are really being followed here).


They settle into a routine of Holly burning mac n’ cheese and Libra making decent waffles instead.


Holly:  So mine isn’t good enough for you?
Libra:  That isn’t good enough for a starving puppy.


Holly:  Sooo…
Libra:  So what?
Holly:  Sew buttons.
Libra:  I don’t get it.
Holly:  Whatever.  I’m pregnant, in case you were wondering.
Libra:  The fact that you’re watching the kids channel pretty much clued me in to that fact.


Holly:  No way!
Libra:  Yes way.  *blargh*


(Why do I keep typing Jade?  Ugh)

Holly: No maternity leave?
No, sorry.  I don’t believe in it.  If humans can work 8 of 9 months, you can work for three measly days.
Holly:  Stupid.


Without rewards, the two are reduced to getting multiples the old fashioned way of the tv/radio combo.


Go away!  They can’t afford to be robbed!


The cop did show up…late.  The burglar made off with the stove.  Holly chatted with the cop for a few hours.


They are so cute cuddling and watching tv together.  I am really not liking Holly’s hair though.


Libra had an opportunity to make hotdogs for someone, so the couple head to the park.  Holly plays chess while she waits.


When Libra takes off with the hotdogs, she left Holly behind.  Holly almost made it through her batch of hotdogs, but instead labor hits.  VJ Alvi is traumatized, but hopefully he will rescue the hotdogs.


Holly emerges from the hospital with Snickers, a hopelessly romantic virtuoso who likes Classical, Cheesesteak and yellow.


Libra:  Girl, you are looking so hot!
Holly:  I can’t believe how easy it was to lose that baby fat.
Must be nice.


Holly:  I think we should make it official!


Libra:  It’s a beautiful ring, Holly.  Should we get married now before I go into labor?
Holly:  That’s the plan.


So they tied the knot and I missed the whole thing.  Oops.


Holly had an opportunity to give someone hotdogs and Libra volunteered to make them.  There was just a slight delay when her water broke.


Omg.  I really cannot remember this babysitters name.  I know he is in every SV, but he is never this awesome for me.  He really took good care of Snickers,

,…Davey…something.  Linell?  Linder?


He never put him down, even when he chatted on the phone.


Davey:  Night night, Snickers.


Snickers gets twin brothers, Twix and Almond Joy.

*What is up with the Tart’s only having boys?  Three boys for Holly, 5 boys for Peanut Brittle, and two boys for Cinnamon.  I even think Candy Cane is having a boy too.*



Then I was tired of it all.  Holly and Libra grabbed the boys and took off.

And so starts the Homemaker Challenge.

TS3W 2015-02-28 13-18-32-75

They couldn’t afford much, but they did find a cute little unfurnished house to move into.

TS3W 2015-02-28 12-09-39-68

They had just enough money left over to furnish the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  They quickly fed the starving boys and then reset trying to put them in cribs.


They both dumped the boys on the floor and then decided to woohoo.  I am so glad they chose a regular old woohoo.


No.  You will not leave the babies on the floor and woohoo yourselves to death!  It was too late to stop them….and they chose a risky this time!

TS3W 2015-02-28 12-17-11-65

I sold off the cribs and got the boys swings…..then Holly did a maternity spin.
*scratches head*
When did you get pregnant?
Holly: A very long, long time ago.
Well.  Damn.  I believe I last played them about 6 weeks ago, so it does not surprise me that I either forgot or never knew.  sigh.

TS3W 2015-02-28 13-33-56-42

There is not much money, but there was enough to get Libra a guitar and a charisma class.  She also got a makeover!

TS3W 2015-02-28 13-34-47-02

If you did not realize, Holly will be playing the part of Breadwinner and Libra will be the homemaker.  Holly listens to a logic tabcast while playing with each baby.

TS3W 2015-02-28 13-39-35-16

While the ladies are out taking classes, the new babysitter (?? Honeycutt) just watches the boys.


Libra:  We need a table and some chairs!
I know, but you’re poor.  So for now just continue to sit on the toilet for eating.


Snickers has his birthday.  He got Libra’s eyes and great-great grandpa Tyrian’s hair.


Snickers has a concert for his baby brothers.


The concert got interrupted for some skilling.


Which in turn got interrupted by this travesty.  Really?  Pregnant on one 5% risky?  GAHHH!


Almond Joy ages up.  He is a hopelessly romantic daredevil.


His twin, Twix, is also hopelessly romantic, which is paired with friendly.

Yes.  All five sims in the house have hopeless romantic.  Sigh.


They are way too poor to have three kids and two on the way.

One better be a damned girl.


Holly left for work and I forgot about her.  Halfway through the day a pop up to name a baby showed up out of nowhere.  Oops.



They still cannot afford cribs.  They also apparently cannot understand that concept of feeding Snickers.  Luckily that was rectified when I cancelled out their chat.


The next day, Libra goes into labor and heads off to the hospital.


The three brothers are still hoping mommy Holly gets a promotion so that they can get beds.  The previous paychecks bought a second potty, a second xylophone and a dollhouse.


I was not ignoring them…much.  It’s just so much chaos between the toddlers and the adults.

From l-r: Payday, his twin sister Gummi Bear and then Skittles (also a girl!).


Things are getting a little out of control now.  Holly has made enough money to buy cribs at least.


Libra and Holly are so tired that instead of feeding the kids, they each pick up a child, put him in the crib.  Then they each remove a child from the crib while the other one puts him back in.  Somehow neither of them grasp the concept of feeding time.


And it never gets any better.



Yes, let’s add more toddlers to the mix.  Just shoot me now!

Gummi Bear is up top.  She is Brave and Loves the outdoors.
Payday is next.  He is Perfectionist Bookworm.



After his floor nap, Snickers has his birthday and rolls hydrophobic.


Snickers is a life saver at this point.  He staves off Twix’s loneliness.



And hands out four bottles.


Libra comes out and changes four diapers while Snickers sneaks off.  I found him cleaning the toilet and the shower!


This is really starting to get to all of us.  Potty training commences.


Graduation time came, but there was so much trouble with them not able to take all the babies that Holly just randomly tosses her diploma in the front yard.


Skittles has her birthday the next day.  She is a handy loner.



Poor Snickers has never been to sleep, I don’t think.  The family is too poor to buy him a bed, so he takes his sleeping bag outside for the night.  It will be four days before he goes to school too (graduation, summer holiday and then the weekend).



The stress is killing everyone.  Holly and Libra argue all the time.  She mocks Libra’s ambition and in return, Libra accuses her of being insane.  It culminated in a huge brawl later that night.


Then the social worker came.   Whoops.


He just stood there for like six hours.


In fact, everyone took a nap waiting for him to do his job.


Twix and Almond Joy aged up and the social worker was still on the porch.


I reset the social worker because he was stupid.  I sold two cribs, which gave them enough money for two more sleeping bags.  Blue stripes on the far left is Twix.  Aqua-ish on the right is Almond Joy.  (Their clothes match their sleeping bags….I seemed to have lost their age up pics).


Holly and Libra have made up.  They chose to woohoo instead of doing anything constructive like putting kids to bed, unclogging the toilet, fixing the shower or fixing the sink.


I was ecstatic when Holly ran off to work and the boys ran off to school.


Libra:  We don’t have a fire alarm.
Well, then why set the house on fire?
Libra:  Holly did it.  She cooked breakfast then ran off to work.


This caused Snickers and Almond Joy to come home instead of getting on the bus.


Libra fights the fire like a boss.


Of course she was stuck with salad after the fire was out since their $20 (+$390 insurance) was not going to replace the dead items.


Holly does earn a promotion, which gives them enough money to replace everything.


I got another alert from the social worker that Almond Joy was too cold.  I found him sleeping at school and made him come home real fast.



The peace and quiet of having everyone at work and school allowed Libra to START skilling whatever toddlers these happen to be.



It seems a bit unfair that Holly just gets to come home from work and play with the babies.

Holly:  It’s more than fair!  We can’t afford these kids and there is only one income.  Coming home to play is my only joy in life.


Snickers:  It’s not funny.  Fix my hair!


Gummi Bear and Payday age up.
Why do I not have age up pics of the boys?
GB:  Because I’m awesome and they’re just boys.
Okay.   Gummi Bear adds angler.
Payday adds Neat.


Holly did something at work and someone offers her a reward.  She accepts it and gains $2,000.  The next day she gets another offer and accepts that too.  Three bunkbeds, a set of stairs and 3.5 walls were bought.  The kids have to put on their outerwear to get up to their beds.


Holly and Libra continue to repair their marriage.


Two cribs, the xylo, both peg boxes, the dollhouse and one potty were sold.  They bought the kids a block table and added more walls upstairs.  Afterwards, they had $1.

With only one toddler and 5 kids upstairs asleep, Libra finally used her guitar for the second time.


At the end of the day, Holly was able to use all of her points gained for every child that Libra skilled up and bought the Body Sculptor.







Almond Joy




Gummi Bear



1 point for walk, talk and potty per child. +6
2 points for each set of twins. +4
3 points for the body sculptor. +3

Total Points:  +13



9 thoughts on “HC: Chapter 2

  1. It’s horrible, but also looks like a lot of fun. I should try out this Homemaker Challenge. The kids are adorable, but then Tarts always are, and you added the gorgeous of the Winters, so…

    1. Libra is definitely gorgeous. I am hoping it blunts out the Jade clonishness of Holly. If I had to do it over again, I would make it so only one could get pregnant. I’m still too afraid to go back in.

  2. It’s more difficult to play when the family is broke—but more fun I think. They get too much money and it makes it too easy, lol

    Is pink haired/pink eyed boy Almond Joy? He’s a cutie—love his toddler picture–those cheeks! =)

    1. I have to agree about that. It’s hard to get going, but once you do the money just rolls in.

      I do believe that is Almond Joy, but it has been forever since I was brave and went in.

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