HC: Chapter 1


When Holly Berry was little everyone referred to her as “The Clone” or “Jade Jr.”.


Case in point, here is Holly Berry and her mom, Jade.

While the siblings and cousins fought to be the next heir, Holly Berry knew she would get no votes and decided to head out on her own.


You know, I recall your ancestor doing this same thing in this same exact spot.
Holly:  I thought by leaving home, I would be leaving your voice behind too.
Nope.  I’m still here.  You won’t escape it that easily.


Holly Berry Tart got her start as one of Jade Tart’s generation six kids in the Tart ISBI.  Called Jade Jr., all her life was more than Holly could handle and she left home as soon as she was old enough.

Holly is insane, flirty, hopeless romantic, athletic and easily impressed.   Her LTW is to be a Superstar Athlete.

She got started on the legacy lot in Sunset Valley.  CC is limited to hair and makeup and maybe 3 dresses.  She had $5,300 left after buying the lot, which I can blame on the mover mod by Nraas.  I family funded her down to $1,300.  Holly Berry is no longer a fairy because I started this with no expansions installed.


While Holly runs off to get a job in Athletics, we make sure that she gets what she can afford.  This leaves her with $75, which will buy her a counter, I hope (spoiler:  It doesn’t).


It shouldn’t have shocked her, but Holly saw three of her sisters and her mother show up to see her get a real job.  She then got a lecture about how a lady shouldn’t show off her wedding dress, unless she was getting married.

Holly:  Fuck that.  I wear what I want, when  I want!  I’m a rebel!
No, you’re just insane.
Holly:  Shut up.  No one asked you.


It was late by the time she was able to get to the park and make some hotdogs.  There was a nice selection of males, but she was just too hungry to check them out.


It was off to the gym the next day to gain some skill for work.

Holly: *slurp*
I said to get your work out on.
Holly:  I prefer to get drunk first.


Okay, so you get drunk and then do a workout in your bathing suit that doesn’t match while your parents stand around watching?

Holly: *waves to both mom’s*


After work, where she chose to go in a party dress for some reason, she wanted to learn the sign of a co-worker.  Really?  Already?

Holly:  Just make it happen!


So, I made it happen and their signs were compatible.



Although Holly was tired after her workout and first night on her job, she made it through the wooing stage.  I guess it was a good thing she spent her work time chatting with co-workers.


I sort of don’t know which one got pregnant…oops.


It’s easier to get laid than it is to get them to move in.  Holly spent precious sleep time getting the relationship high enough to get her co-worker to move in.


In the end, Holly got her way and now she has a new live-in…friend?   They both have the Friends with Benefits moodlet.


While they finally get some sleep, a house was built with Libra’s move in cash.

Libra Winters hails from autumnrein and her I Hope to be Surrounded by Idiots ISBI.  She will get a better intro next time!

This was going to be a regular legacy first and then I changed my mind to a random legacy, but I ended up not able to get into either one.  This will just be a homemaker challenge with modified rules.  I also could not get into any town, so they do move quite a bit before I get them settled and into a good rhythm.  In fact, they have almost all of their kids before I even decide on a challenge.



2 thoughts on “HC: Chapter 1

  1. I’m so excited you picked Libra! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into! Er- I mean, I hope she doesn’t cause you any trouble? lol

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