BW: Chapter 1


Cinnamon:  You want me to do what?  Dressed like this?  In this town?  With my family watching?  I don’t think so.
Oh c’mon.  You look like a school marm.  The cops will NEVER catch on to what you’re really about.
Cinnamon:  No.  Get me out of here.


How about this?
Cinnamon:  It’s pink.
Yeah, sorry.
Cinnamon:  It’s unfurnished and I have no money.
Well, I have a plan for that.


The house. I deleted the garage on the left and that gave her some breathing room.  She was able to put in a kitchen, a bed, and a bathroom with about $50 left over.

Cinnamon:  Everything in here is too cheap for me!  I demand an upgrade.
Oh shut up.


What are you doing?
Cinnamon:  I want to send TaftLee Cookies a text.
Oh.  That’s awesome because I know he is megarich.


I don’t trust that face.  What are you really doing?
Cinnamon:  Oh, I decided to send some other guy a secret admirer text.


I told you I had a plan.
Cinnamon:  You want me to get dirty?  Ew.
Omg.  Stop whining and start harvesting the perfect MONEY trees.
Cinnamon: *perk* Money?


Peppermint Pier is one of my favorite lots in Sugar Valley.  Cin was able to take a shower, have a snack and read gardening books.


She was even able to get some painting in.
Nice outfit.
Cin:  Hey, you’re the one who said I could keep my insane trait.
Yeah.  Probably a bad idea, but I guess we will just do makeovers as you switch outfits.


After whining about harveting, Cin was happy to report a $17,000 increase in her funds.  She ran off to take a painting class and I finally fixed her formal outfit.

Cin:  Yes, this is befitting a future black widow.


Cin:  Oh, so you’re the guy I was texting yesterday.
TaftLee:  I’m married and on my way to work.
Cin:  I don’t care and see you in a couple of days, stud.


Caramel:  Why are you in my house and staring at my husband?
Cin:  Oh, so you’re the guy that I sent the secret admirer text too.  You’re quite red.
Candied Apple:  Yes, and you’re hot.
Cin:  I know!


After a charisma class, Cin heads home to her cheap kitchen.
Cin:  Cheap PINK kitchen.
Yeah, yeah.


Daren (with only one R):  Can I help you?
Cin:  Well, I was going to see what you had for sale, but I have decided just to keep you, hotstuff.


Cin spent the rest of the day getting really well acquainted with Daren Starburst-Frost, a new immigrant to town.


Daren:  Why did the door lock after I walked in?
Cin:  Did it?  How strange.


What the heck is that first painting?
Cin:  Oh, just a diagram of how to shove bodies in boxes.


Cinnamon finally got around to proposing to Daren later that week.


Cin:  No, Lefty!  You kill the spouses, not the Black Widow!
Lefty:  This is just practice, Mistress, I swear.


Lefty:  First, you woohoo the idiot until he is unconscious. Then I wrap myself around his neck.  Then, that moron Righty comes in and helps.  Together we squeeze the life out of him.
Cin:  That is such a great idea!  I love you guys!


Daren:  Oh, babe, this tastes amazing!  What did you use to season this salad?
Cin:  Arsenic.


Daren wanted to upgrade something after recently reading a handiness book.


Cin:  That dumbass didn’t finish!
I see that.


Cin:  Dammit!  I broke the toilet again!
I see that.  Let’s just upgrade to the best one.

Daren only moved in with about $5,000, so they at least hit over the $20,000 mark.  I upgraded the bathroom, put in a living room with the desk, computer, tv, coffee table, video game system and couch.  In another room, I added a bookcase.


Cin:  Oh, hey!  I’m knocked up!  Sorry Mint, I got distracted.  I will come back later to buy stuff.  I have a party that I can’t miss.


TaftLee:  Mmphmo!
Cin:  Momphm!


After convincing TaftLee to dump his wife, Cin heads home with a new agenda.

Daren:  I am so happy that you finally want to get married!
Cin:  Yeah, I was told to wait until I had the want to do it like you did.


Even the gnome that Cin found at one of the gardens is reproducing…by Immaculate Conception no less.


Even though she can only do still life paintings right now, Daren does grace the wall and it does not look too bad.


TaftLee finally came over.  His job in the Army kept him busy all day and he could never come over.


Cin and TaftLee did a little bit of bedbumping, but Daren just dropped his Upset queue and walked off.

Cin:  This will show him!  *smooch*
Taft:  Show who what?
Cin:  Never you mind.


Daren:  You cheating ass harlot!  I hate you!
Cin:  Good.  Muahahaha


Daren: I’m sooo hungry!  Move it woman so I can eat!
Cin:  Nope.  Just die.


Taft:  Omg Omg Omg!  What should I do?
Cin:  Just be quiet.


Even though Cin wanted a girl, she got Hot Tamale instead.


With Hot Tamale down for the night, TaftLee and Cin make it official.
Cin:  This better lead to my LTW!
Cin, he moved in with $875,000. If this doesn’t make you a Gold Digger, I’ll eat my computer.


Cin was bored with life and headed off to the Festival for the evening.


Cin:  I just got my first celebrity star.  Can we marry her?
No.  I am hoping to play this one straight.


That’s a unicorn?
Cin:  It’s awesome, so back off.


Cin heads back to the pier and harvest more money trees.  She sees Oro Mandarin outside his house and chats him up for a bit.


Cin knows that the only man she is friendly enough with right this second is Candied Apple.  He even accepts her flirts in front of his teen daughter, Apple Pie.


After some minor flirting and one big dip kiss, Candied Apple agrees to dump his famliy and move in.
Cin:  Ugh.
Cin:  They aren’t rich.
Um, who cares.  You’re now the richest family in town anyway.


Caramel:  Did you really just steal my husband?
Cin:  Yep.  You’re hair is amazing.  It would look really awesome on my babies.
NO!  Go home!


I have not really been paying attention to traits, but Candied Apple’s stand out.  The major ones are mean spirited, evil and insane.  Hahaha


Hot Tamale ages up.  He had hydrophobic locked in and rolled artistic.  He also keeps the Tart purple hair and gained the hot pink eyes of Daren.


Cin heads inside and nabs Candied Apple and plants a big, wet one right in front of TaftLee.
Hot Tamale: *shits himself in surprise*
Taft:  WTF!


Taft: Bitch, you dare cheat on me?
Cin:  It’s in my nature.  I can’t help it.
Taft:  Screw you!


Cin:  Have a nice swim, Darling.


Cin:  Oh wow!  I’m knocked up again.


TaftLee:  Jenn, I”m really tired.
I know, hunny.  I’m so sorry.  I luv you.


As soon as I knew he was a goner, I deleted the wall, put the fence back up and had Cinnamon head outside.  As soon as she saw him, her heart broke in a million itty bitty pieces, but her LTW did get completed.


Candied:  *whispers*  The bitch is mine now, asshole!


In a strange turn of events, Cinnamon is actually too heartbroken to carry on with Candied.


It was up to Candied to get her mind off of TaftLee for a bit and she did agree to marry Candied Apple in the end.


While Candied Apple’s mourning moodlet ran out after about a day, Cin’s is here to stay.  She manages to care for Hot Tamale, cook dinner and get the mail, but Taft Lee is always in her thoughts.  I stupidly named Hot Tamale’s IF, Sweet Tart.  LOL  So, it’s technically Sweet Tart Tart.


Dude, no!
Sprinkles:  If she can have them, so can I!
So, Sprinkles brings forth Kimi and Loralie.


Candied:  I am so glad you are free to marry me.
Cin:  I’m just glad that I get a few days before adding back a bad moodlet.
Candied:  Wut?
Cin:  Nothing, dear.


Her LTW didn’t even come close to the moodlet manager (only 20,000 points) so she is back painting for points.  The alien pictures is 1 or 5 she wants to put on the walls.  Hot Tamale is tuckered out after learning to walk and talk.


Bryon:  You randomly barge into my house to give birth?
Cin:  Well, no.  I barged in because A) You’re freaking gorgeous.  B) I like your furnished house and C) I can see money trees from your front door.
Bryon:  Yes, you are seriously hot yourself.


What part of give me a girl did you not understand?
Cin:  He’s cute. Shut up.
We need the points for a girl.  Don’t make me give you fertility treatment!
Cin:  You wouldn’t dare!
Bet me.

Since his dad was TaftLee Cookies, we welcome baby Oreo into the house.

Cin:  I’m not the only one reproducing, you know.



Omg Sprinkles!  Stop!   Baby gnome #3 is IITB.  We will just call her Brain for short.

I think this will be where I call it quits for now.

*50 for every affair you successfully end in death. +100
*30 for every different color ghost that appears. +60 (starvation and drowning)
*30 for each kid that has a different dad +60
*30 If caught cheating +60
*10 points per grave. +20

Score:  +300


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