NGC: Chapter 1


Mochaccino:  You want me to do what?
I want you to finally complete my friend Fiona’s Name Game Challenge because I keep failing it and it’s time to try again.
Mocha:  You did see how long my name is right?
Well, I am going to change up the rules a bit.  Twins/triplets will not have to share the same letter. I promise.


Unlike his siblings who started their challenge on the seventh day of the week, I found a save that puts Mocha at the end day 1.  I found him living in a beach front house settled between the derelict Goddard house on the right and Claire Ursine’s house on the left.  The whole town was evicted and deleted so that SP can move in all the needed sims.


Mochaccino’s LTW is to turn 10 people into zombies, so he is left practice his magic.

Also, I took him into CAS to change something and he came out his normal witch/fairy hybrid.  So strange.


This continues on until the wee hours.  Through the night, five families have moved in and I inspected them all.


The best looking prospect was seen at one of the Tart households.  We interrupted her trying to flirt with Peanut Brittle and swooped right on in.


Just inside the house I witnessed his cousin (and ISBI Heir) Peanut Brittle flirting with his Mom.  It was so gross, but at least he turned down her flowers.  (Christal goes on to have two more kids with Sage).


I crossed off all other sims on the list.  Mocha is definitely making his choice.  He has only chatted with her and winked at her and he already wants her as a girlfriend.

Screenshot-10Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

Hours upon hours go by, but Mocha finally achieves his first kiss.  He then got rid of another want when he invited her home.


Victoria Perennial-Fire entered Mocha’s house and ran off to his bed to take a nap while he cooked some food.  He was equally as tired, but I wanted her to stick around, so forced him to stay up.


Mocha woke up Victoria to eat and then asked her to move in.  I was quite shocked with how much money she had, but soon remembered that I changed the numbers by one 0 in the immigration listings so that I could get sims in the more expensive houses.  Victoria actually lived in a starter home, so this was not expected.


Mocha proposes despite his houses lack of proper lighting.  He was so very glad that she did not hold it against him.


They celebrated their new engagement in style.


Then promptly fell asleep.  A few hours later, Victoria got up to vomit.


That trip to the bathroom paves the way for a quickie marriage in front of the toilet that she never flushed.


Victoria Tart:
Traits:  Great Kisser, Computer whiz, Genius, Charismatic, Artistic.
Likes:  Dark Wave, Veggie Burger, Purple
LTW:  Illustrious Author

Victoria is just as enamored with Mocha, as he is with her.  It’s quite cute.


They were just heading off to their new house when the morning sickness struck again.


Hahaha.  Chai Tea got knocked up.  I am really glad that she is safe in her own save right now.  CT breaks up with this guy before the baby is even born.


Victoria and Mocha move in to the abandoned Langerak house.  Nothing visually changes, but everything in the house is upgraded as high as it goes.


Victoria continues to have a rough pregnancy.

Mocha:  It’s probably just bad food.
Vic:  Or not.


She finally pops!  I was beginning to worry.


There is not much to do during the pregnancy.  They read baby books together and skill together.


Mocha moves on to conversion spells.  He didn’t do much though and everything he did was cheap or “bad quality”.  He did later go and donate the bugs to science.


He can now start doing repairs and upgrades.  Most everything will be unbreakable soon.


Although a bit apprehensive, Mocha’s good luck charm worked and Vic was quite happy.


Are you bored yet?   I know I am.  Mocha is still upgrading stuff, but has moved up to love spells.


And it worked.  Of course.   So far, so good.


Finally! Yay!


Oohh! Twins!  I am doing the short names for the bonus so meet Mac and Mae.  Double word score on M is +6 points each.






Not too long after the twins were born, Mocha had to go and graduate.


Of course nothing is going great until a cousin goes into labor.  Thanks for interrupting them, Chai Tea.  I do get a pop up that it is a boy named Berjes.


Somebody’s bad parking job is the reason that Mocha got warned that he was about to be fired.  Oops.  *delete*


Another baby is on the way!


After 48 hours in the playpen, the kids are finally moved to the walker.  I had no clue just playing gained a skill.  So they did that.  Not sure what skill that is though.  Might have to use MC and check.  They got the max skills from the abacus and mirror in the playpen too.


Things are going right along.


It’s been several days and this is the first time the tots have ever been to sleep.


The kids went down just in time!


The babysitter never showed an interest in the kids, so when Mocha and Victoria came home from the hospital, they changed and fed the older twins and put the new set of twins to bed.  Both Mac and Mae are just finishing up their last skill point each.


Later that day, the twins had a last bottle and poo before they had their birthdays.









The second set of twins bring in another double word score on the letter O for +2 points each.  I will stop it here for now.

Mac – M 3 points.  1 point for Walk, talk, potty.  1 point fairy.
Mae- M 3 points.  1 point for walk, talk, potty.  1 point fairy.
Oda – O 2 points.
Ora – O 2 points.  1 point fairy.

Total points:  15



One thought on “NGC: Chapter 1

  1. Ooh, starting with a long name like Mochaccino is certainly a challenge. Then again, Tarts are known for large families, so maybe not so much?

    I have only read one other Name Game challenge, would be an interesting one to do, I think.

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