CC: Chapter 1


Candy Cane hated not being chosen to take over the family’s ISBI, so when no one was looking she took off.  She was found a week later and was asked to do her own challenge.  After reading the rules, she agreed.

Traits: Insane, Artistic, Virtuoso, Clumsy, and Neat.  +5 points.
All earned points will be bolded.
Her LTW is Master of the Arts and she got a job in music.


The alien replacement trees and plants still haven’t been removed.  I keep forgetting.  Anyway, here is CC’s house and hiding on the right is CC off to her first night of work.


CC already knew who she was after.  It just took getting through his mom first.


It was a very good thing that he liked her.  A lot.  They were also almost friends since they work together.


The second they became friends, CC hit him with a HOTMK and then a dip kiss.  That gets him in the perfect mood for a couple of very important questions.


Just before asking her new fiance to move in, she found out that they were both extremely tired.

CC:  No.  That is not what I found out.
Fine.  She found out that they were both artistic.


The new couple were too tired to do anything besides fall into bed.  To sleep.


Now that everyone is awake, let’s meet CC’s future spouse.

Mortimer Goth moves in with a buttload of cash.
Traits:  Unstable, Virtuoso, Artistic, Snob and Ambitious. +3 points.
He wants to be a Rock Star and already has a job in music.  Since CC has a job in music, she will take the symphonic branch.


After a quick salad, CC runs off to play guitar in the park while listening to a tabcast on the guitar.


Mortimer paints for a skill level want while listening to the guitar on the tabcast.  After that, it was off to the park to jam with someone.


Mortimer spends a lot of time taking deep breaths.  If he does get trait changes, they will NOT count for points.


After several days of cohabitation, it was finally time for our two virgins to get a little romantic.


*sigh*  I might need to put a rush on some parties that need to be done.


Yes Morty, I know you want to go on vacation with CC.  You will just have to wait a bit because you two foiled all my plans for the founding generation.


CC, you are a nutcase.
CC:  What did I do now?
You called in sick and your boss just showed up at your Bachelorette party.
CC:  Oh.  Um.  Hi, River!  *cough cough*


Of all the family CC invited, only Aunt Christal, mom Sapphire and two sisters showed up.  CC got her mom to do the toast.


Holly:  You couldn’t even be bothered to dress for the occasion?  What a loser.
CC was oblivious to her sister.  She was more interested in dancing and flirting with the dancer.


CC then sprayed her soon to be MIL with fizzy nectar.

Corny paid her back by breaking a sink and then inappropriately started cooking mac n cheese.  By this time, CC was at her wits end and called the party off.


The party was a raging disaster.  No only was the sink busted, but Connor Frio desroyed the tv, Madison VanWatson was looking up porn and busted the laptop and…..


We conclude with Corny’s mac n cheese catching the house on fire.


But during the course of the party, CC completed the Personable Skill Challenge and Morty got a promotion to Roadie.


Cleaning up after the party, CC did her maternity spin in front of a stray dog and then Morty finally arrived home and they both head to bed.

I guess a shotgun wedding will be coming up next time!

Total points to date:  10


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