QB: Drone 1

Chai Tea had no clue what to do after losing the heir poll.  At least she was not a complete failure like her two sisters who only got a single vote each.  Cinnamon has already chosen to do a Black Widow challenge and Holly Berry is well on her way doing a Random Legacy.


Chai Tea had moved out the second the poll was over and SP put her in a house near her family.  The only thing exciting to happen was that she was no longer restricted to the base game only.

Chai Tea:  Omg!  I can totally go to the future now that the portal is here!  Too bad I don’t get my wings back though.


Emit:  Here is your Almanac of Time.
Chai Tea:  Whatever shall I do in the future?
Emit:  You ever consider doing a Queen Bee Challenge?  Here are the rules.

Chai Tea read over the rules before bed that night and she was pretty sure that it would be pretty cool.  She chose not to make any changes to her psyche though.  She remains: Insane, Flirty, Friendly, Genius and Athletic.  Her LTW is to be a Star News Anchor.


Chai heads to the future the next morning.  She figured showing up in her underwear (even though she left in her everyday) would give her some immediate attention from the population.

No not really.


Her first day was exhausting.  Emit had her using the jetpack, reading legacy statue inscriptions, meeting Plumbots and exploring the wasteland.  At one point she had to adjust trait chips on a plumbot, but even she knew that was a no-no.  She chose to spend her cash on a shiny new plumbot and then bought trait chips from the yellow dude behind the counter.


Chai was pretty ticked off that she was only getting $100 per completed opportunity instead of the reward points she desperately needed.  She did eventually reach the end of the opportunities and met up with Emit.


VCR heads to sneak a peek at the winning lotto numbers for the date Chai supplied him from her home time.  In the meantime, Chai was trolling some dating sites and found a list of guys to send messages to.


The next couple of days found Chai out in the wastelands hunting crystals, flowers and random animals.


Chai finally remembered to check her online dating messages and found three replies and one let’s meet up messages.

Chai:  Halt, halt.  This guy has EA skin.  Ewww.


That was easily fixed by taking dude into CAS, adding eyelashes, and heading back out.  He is actually pretty cute.

Chai Tea wastes no time in flirting with the new guy and she didn’t really give a shit that his girlfriend was standing right there either.


Things really get on the ball after she convinces him to dump that ugly girlfriend and be with her instead.


Chai Tea and Felix Finn try for baby like 3 times before they head back to her timeframe with VCR.


While VCR heads to buy a lottery ticket, Felix and Chai Tea try for baby in the portal two more times and have three tours at the theater before a lullaby is heard.

Felix:  Woohoo!  Finally.  My dangly was starting to be a bit raw.


Chai Tea:  You’re so hot, VCR.
VCR:  You are so delectable, mistress.
Felix:  Whelp, I’m off to the only bed in the house.

I probably should have left VCR listed as Chai’s kid, but I hate that.  Now, I have to worry about weird robotic babies.
Since I did not completely follow the rules (probably because I didn’t look at them until week one was over, I did evict the town except for her family and built the Worker Bee houses (renovated the Wan/Goddard house for it) for SP move ins.


Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18

The house is super ugly, but it had to be under $20,000.  It sells for $17,839 furnished.  Which I guess depends on the lot, because the ones near the ocean are in the $19,800 range.  15 of these houses were placed around town.



The nursery home surpasses the requirements but is only on a 30×30 lot instead of 40×40.  One master bedroom, six kid/teen rooms, one spare double bedroom, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living on the bottom floor with a pool, hopscotch, water slide and soccer goal.


The upstairs has a lot of skilling items, a roof playground and a gym and jacuzzi.  I do believe it is $118,000 furnished. There is no decor at all.  It’s not like the sims will even use this stuff, but rules are rules.  I have 10 of these placed and now I must move Chai Tea to an empty 64×64 lot.  Oh fun


The Landgraab’s “generously” donated their lot.

Nancy:  Wahh, I’m pregnant and homeless.

Now we just need to build the Queen Bee’s hive.  Good thing Felix moved in with a buttload of money and they won $57,000 in the lottery.

Rule changes because I am not a fan:

NO buying Lifetime Rewards on your queen – whether they’re an object or the helpful rewards. No exceptions. Your male “drones” can buy rewards to their hearts content EXCEPT the object rewards.. and no buying the “Fertility Treatment” reward.  I am not buying fertility treatment and that’s all.

NO “monster” or “creature” breeders! You may not become a vampire, mummy, ghost, or anything else – and you are not to pick anything other than a fully human male for breeding purposes. Skin color does not matter, but they must be human. If I want supernatural sims, I will.

Feel free to use Life fruit to keep yourself alive, and ambrosia – but only if you or your current “drone” can actually GROW or make it. Whether you pick the initial fruit out of a lot where it grows “wild” or find the seed itself is irrelevant, so feel free to make a community garden with a Life Fruit plant in. You may only ever harvest ONE Life Fruit bush in the wild PER ADULT, (i.e. one for queen, and one for each drone – who uses the fruit is up to you) so use them sparingly until you can get your own stock growing on your lot. If your drone is the gardener and he moves out, the one harvest rule again takes effect until either your new drone can garden Life Plants (level 7 gardening) or you can.  Chemistry set age potion is a must have.
I am allowing travel to where the queen bee wants.

Please remember, this challenge was written around the time Pets came out, so there is a ton of stuff not updated for.

Chai Tea has $446,000 to build a hive.


Well, here is the Hive, too bad the inside looks like shit.  I might need to get rid of my alien plant mod..someday.


The second floor has three bedrooms, a nursery and a small playroom with an easel and a couple of desks.


The first floor has the master bedroom, two bathrooms, laundry room, dining room, study, kitchen and living room.


The spiral stairs near the kitchen lead down to a passageway which has (during the course of my play session) gathered some fun items to use and the music room with stairs leading up.


The stairs lead up to the skilling area.


Chai immediately throws a million “make a trait chip” wants, so off she goes while Felix starts making potions.


Pregnancy #1 is confirmed.  There are 10 wall speakers (roughly) throughout the house and it is piping Kids music 24/7.  The only rooms spared are bedrooms.


It’s nice to see what some people do with newfound free will.


The first night ends the next morning.  VCR has some new trait chips installed, including the cooking one so at least no one will starve now.


Cinnamon gets an oopsie baby.


Felix spends a lot of his time starving and singed.  Get used to it.


She is so cute.  I waited, but luckily she did not kill herself or the house.


Felix’s potion collection so far.


I gave Chai a break from the bot station, but she went into labor before she could do anything on the alchemy station.


Chai:  Unrendered taxi is unrendered.
Felix:  *still in shock from twin girls*

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41

Up top is Ravioli and her sister is Fettuccini


Chai and Felix get the next batch started.


Chai:  I demand a break between babies!
Too bad.


The two pasta babies set a high precedent for any other incoming children.

Both can walk, talk, potty, maxed their charisma (not sure the actual level for tots and the mirror), the science (or whatever is the abacus), pegs, xylo, and read all 9 books each before the child birthdays (of course the toddler default was still set at 7 days).


Chai meets Rommich Pollination Technician on her way to the new Bot Emporium.


I just added the consignment and elixir consignment registers so it is now a one stop hit for her to clear out her inventory.


Chai:  I just got ripped off.
Oops.  Apparently something she bought was overpriced.


The next day is graduation day.  Holly Berry shows up with her oldest, which is still an infant in her save.  Both her and Libra did have their sets of twins, so Chai Tea got her save after that.  Weird.


That will probably not happen since she is a reporter, but whatever.


Libra brought a kid with her too.  I wonder what they did with the other three.


Cinnamon brought her kid along.  And boy did she get BIG.

Rita:  Can’t breathe.  Mommy can’t breathe!


Back home, the girls are let out of the playpen for the first time in three days so that they can get started on the books, xylo and pegs.


Woah, woah woah!  Who said this was the house of fun?  Get back to your damn potions.


Or not.  I guess get her to the hospital then.



They both get their Have a Boy wants fulfilled with Rigatoni and Timballo.


Chai:  Ready to get another one in the oven?
Felix:  Do I have a choice?
Chai:  Nope.


Wut?  No!


Chai:  Please, please be twins.


Sometime during week 3 Felix makes all the potions.


Blessed silence.


AU PB better live it up.


Not much to document for a bit.  The boys are skilling, Felix is on freewill, but will make a five more young again potions soon.  Chai maxed bot making and has moved on to alchemy.


I’m apparently a dumbass and never got a pic of the after labor.  So, here have a pic of Chai dumping Felix.


Geez, you two.


Just before her adult birthday, Chai runs for the young again potion.


She gets new hair and a new everyday outfit to mark the occasion.



Holly Berry’s kids come over for halloween.  The oldest pasta kids are newly aged up, but went straight to bed.  I’m not sure what party they are all excited for, but it aint’ here.

Screenshot-66 Screenshot-67

There they are!  Sabounee and Pastitsio, the mixed set of twins and our last ones!

Screenshot-68 Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70


And here are the older kids.  Overall, not too bad.  Three got Caramel’s (great-grandfather) hair, two got Sapphire’s (grandmother), and one got Felix’s hair.  They were pretty even on the skin.  Three got Jade’s skin and three got Sapphire’s blue skin.

Now we just wait for the youngest two to have their birthdays (in five days) and we can ship them all off and find Drone 2.



I really get sick and tired of the brats wanting bedtime stories.  I cancel out the requests every single time, so this is what I see about 20 times a day.  Also, no kids have ever gone to school.  The Tart’s are still cursed.


Felix was a bit stir crazy so I had him go across the street and listen to a tabcast while writing a book in his underwear in the rain.


When he is not writing, he sculpts.


I was checking on the tots when I caught Barney going full on crazy.


I love you, you love me-
Rigatoni:  Shut up, stupid!
Asshole.  Rigatoni is insane, hot-headed and inappropriate.  Can’t you tell?  His twin is the mean spirited, neat, night owl.


VCR swoops in and scolds the crap outta him.


At the same exact time, Felix was being argued with by the other brat.


Not sure how much more I can stand.  The playpen skilling is done.  All that is left is book reading, xylo and pegs and they have like forever left until their birthdays.


I think Chai understands just how close because she has a lot of snuggle/toss in the air wants.


Someone forgot these two existed and had Felix sleeping, Chai skilling and VCR cleaning.  Oops.


Let’s get some birthdays done!


Sabounee: Artistic, Grumpy, Neat.  LTW: Illustrious Author


Fettuccine: Neurotic (teen), Good, Bot Fan, Bookworm.  LTW:  None.


Pastitsio:  Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Genius.  LTW:  None.


Ravioli:  Unstable (teen), Loner, Easily Impressed, Daredevil.  LTW:  None.

Rigatoni and Timballo’s skills have not changed.  Timballo does want to be the Emperor of Evil though.

Felix Finn:  Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Savvy Sculptor, Family Oriented and Artistic (I might have mentioned that already, but I can’t remember and too lazy to scroll allll the way up to check).  He wants to be Surrounded by Family.

Download the library file: Felix + Kids

+1 for each toddler who learns all toddler skills – walk, potty, talk – before aging to child.  +6
+1 for each set of twins.  (Kids music only). +3
+5 for each skill your queen bee gets to level 10, and 1 additional point for each skill challenge completed (example: “Menu Maven” in cooking).

Bot Building +5

Skill Challenge

Chipping In. +1
Celebrity: +1
Personable: +1

+ 1 point for each type of magical gnome you get
Master Manchu (consignment). +1

Score:  18
Game Clock: Week 4, Day 3
Young Again potions: 1

Some stuff that I forgot in another folder.

TS3W 2015-01-29 08-13-47-39

TS3W 2015-01-29 08-24-38-35

TS3W 2015-01-29 08-24-53-29

TS3W 2015-01-29 08-27-46-64

TS3W 2015-01-29 09-45-11-22


3 thoughts on “QB: Drone 1

  1. Haha, VCR–love the name. It looks like Chai Tea is off to a good solid start—already six kids and one drone down, lol Cute kids as always. =)

  2. It makes me laugh how many sims challenges revolve around baby making. But then, genetics is one of the best parts of the game, so it does make sense. I think my fave child is the one with daddy’s green hair. Tart genes are so strong!

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