Queen Bee Troubles


After the two girls died, I saved the game because I’m not a cheater.  I closed it out and patched up to 1.36.  All my saves worked fine, but I got this message when loading the dead girls save.

I went to the one before it and the girls were toddlers again.  I played them up to childhood again.

I loaded the save today…


The town is empty.  I stuck a bin sim in town.


The house is exactly as I left it.


Awards and diplomas still lined the walls.


Photo booth photos were still found too.  I have loaded up three of my four save files and get the same exact thing.  I am loading up the 4th and last current save.  If it is still not working, then I’m going to move them over to my tester file and see what happens there.

I do have back up saves on my jump drive.  QB’s save will dump me back to June 27.  I really should start thinking about backing up saves weekly.

Any thoughts or solutions that you know or heard of?


Well, I guess 4th time is a charm.  Too bad I had to go back to infantcy on the girls.  But  I can deal with this since I don’t want to replay 2 drones.  LOL   Expect a part two update starting with when they hit childhood later today.  Too bad the stylist guy I made over is gone.


He was still at the beginning stages of a makeover.  I also went back to my Sens eyes.  Hopefully it makes a difference.

Not sure if this is dead girl caused, patching to 1.36 or Friday the 13th. Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Queen Bee Troubles

  1. I’m glad you were able to find a save that worked! Are any of your other challenge saves messed up or just QB?
    *I haven’t tried to play my previous games because I decided to start a new AGS3 game until my core mods updated to patch 1.36(I’m still waiting for awesomemod) so I couldn’t tell you if that was going on in my game or not.

    1. It is only QB. I played and updated the Wishacy for chapter 30 without trouble and I have generation 6 on the way for the Perf. genetics with out trouble.

      I only use Twallan, so I luckily had my mods downloaded before I even patched. I have never used it, but I have heard that Awesomemod was updated last night or today…gotta love tumblr lol. I can’t remember who mentioned it.

      What is AGS3?

      1. AGS3: Any Game Starter 3. Thank you for telling me about the Awesomemod update :3. I’m glad your other games were working.

      2. Oh duh! It never occurred to me and I have used it for months and months LOL.

        You’re welcome. I wanted to try that once, but it was way too confusing for me.

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