Drone 9, part 2

Well, we start off immediately after my post about the problems the save file had.


Ingrid part 3 – Lookie!  I put my Sens eyes back in Open-mouthed smile.  I have been using them for at least 5 months and I am glad to have them back.  I did not like the way the other eyes had black demon eyes.


Ingrid part 2 – Same girl, different eyes.  This was the save that I went back to after the girls died.  I then saved them as children again.  This is also the save I loaded up and had an empty town.   I blame the eyes!!

Okay back to it.


Ivy part 3 – I finally gave her some hair.  I did lighten her skin this time.  She looked like she was left by the pool to cook..still does but not as bad.


Ivy Part 2.


Child Ingrid part 3 –  New hair.  I changed her eyebrows.  I lowered  her eyebrows and I made her sockets higher.


Ivy part 3 – Hair only.

Ivy:  Yay for being a child again?  Can we not do this over and over anymore?

The first saves went well.  I did save a copy of the immediate family to the library.  That way I can just start off from here if things don’t go well.






Ivan before



I don’t normally mess with looks, but these guys were butt ugly and I am not ever going to use or see them again, so who cares.

If you can believe it, this town just hit week 9.


Ingrid and Ivy have three days off school.  I guess we will just fulfill her wishes for now and off she went to take a fishing class.


Ivy chose to do homework instead of having wishes.  When she was done, she wanted to take a painting class.


Oh good. I was unsure if Beelinda was pregnant this far back or not.  She is Open-mouthed smile


The graveyard keeps getting more and more filled up.  The filled up little section on the lower right are the for 18 kids – A-C.  Across are the first two D kids.


One prefers to play chess while the other likes to paint.


Beelinda headed over to Daffodil’s house for a party and as soon as she walked in, Daffy aged up to elder.  I also noticed that at some point the spiral stairs I used disappeared.  They must have been cc ones.   I replaced them so people could get to the skill area upstairs again.  I would go around to all the houses, but it’s sorta too late now.


Esther was spotted at the party.


Evelyn was there too.


Elvira showed up too.  I guess this was the E girl night.


I didn’t know who this was, so I had Beelinda go impress her.  This is her granddaughter lol.  Sabrina is Amanda Bee’s daughter.  More incest!  She is married to Beelinda’s Great-grandson (Adriana Bee’s grandchild) and has a kid by him.




The first 18 are the only ones that have had kids.  There isn’t much time left to this challenge, so I am going to raise the population amount and see if I can start a baby boom.

A quick peek shows that I had the population stunted at allowing only 45.  I raised it to 150.  The actual population was at 81.  I turned one of the single bedroom houses into a base camp to see if that might attract tourists.


I told you to clean the house, not break the dishwasher.  Go ahead and fix it now.


Ivy: My block house is so much better than yours!
Ingrid:  I don’t even think so.

Ivy has a wish to see her dad’s ghost.


Sadly enough, this did not get rid of that wish.


Ivan did his homework then decided he need to own three plants.


It has been many a year since the gnubb set has been touched..if ever.


I then had Beelinda collect the money from her businesses.  After breaking the computer, Cocoa called asking if her kids wanted to play with his kids.  She said yes of course and then I made her fix the computer.


Cocoa showed up in a bus, dragging Harriet Bee underneath it for several blocks.


Apparently, he dragged her bike too.  Harry was safely inside the bus at the time.


Ingrid meets sister Harriet for the first time.


Ivy prepares to greet Harvey, Harry and Cocoa who is cooking in the sun as we speak.


Just then Beelinda comes outside!

Beelinda:  I thought you were sending the kids over.  You didn’t say you were coming too.
Cocoa:  Oops.  I see you’re still popping out kids left and right.


She greets him the only way she knows how.  She ignored all the person person –.


He is apparently dating Beelinda’s great-granddaughter Annette.


Yeah, after this occurred, Beelinda found that none of the H kids like her anymore.

Got our first pregnancy notification.  Evelyn Bee and Mint Slush.


Well, things didn’t go so well.  By the time I swung back around to check on these two, they were halfway to enemy territory.  Ingrid had a the inappropriate guest moodlet.  I had Beelinda tell everyone to leave.


Then the first immigrant showed up.   I quickly zoomed over to get a better look.


Bad hair notwithstanding, Beelinda would not spread her thighs for this goober.


After three days that seemed to go on for years, it was finally time.  I will probably hear kids music in my sleep for a week now.


Yet again, she chose to walk to the hospital instead of getting in her perfectly functioning Motive Mobile.

In my head the Please let it be twins chant has started.


Meet Igloo Drone.


He wanted you to see his good side too.


Iceberg Drone says hi.  He also demands a 2nd photo too.


A quick chat with Sinbad and then Beelinda will just have to skill and age up these two.  After that..the home stretch.


Beelinda:  I think it’s best that we just be friends.  I can’t have a romantic interest tying me down with bad reputations.

Cocoa Slush and Annette did the break up thing.  Now Beelinda heads over there to upset him..again.


Beelinda was on her way to see Cocoa when she saw her great-granddaughter, Christi playing guitar in her yard of all places.  She went over to introduce herself.


Cocoa did not take the friend suggsestion very well.


Cocoa:  Thank the Simverse that you were not allowed to raise any of your children.

Felix Drone and Varya (Justina’s daughter) are expecting a baby.


While Beelinda was breaking hearts around town, Sinbad gets on with training.


She is now home to help out.



These two might as well be twins since their birthdays are within a day of each other.  I had them do a double celebration, but only because I bought the cakes for Igloo and Iceberg, but for the fourth kid in a row, I can’t age them up.


Igloo chose to age up in the playroom with his twin while the rest of the family was celebrating Ivan and Isabelle’s birthday to YA.





And now we say goodbye to another Drone in the life of Beelinda Queen.  We are now one step closer to saying goodbye to her finally.

Will she live happily ever after? Or will she finally be the one to get her heart broken?  Stay tuned to find out.


5 thoughts on “Drone 9, part 2

  1. Yep. 10 men 6 kids per man. The men move out and raise the 10 kids when the last one reaches the child stage. Finally only 6 to go.

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