Drone 10


For an EA sim, I did my best with his makeover.  He isn’t spectacular, but at least he has a little character of his own now.


He’s still kinda eww, but he did bring $43k with him.  Beelinda was seen rubbing her hands together and giggling evilly.


Beelinda built a miner.  I sent Tucker to some classes he wanted to take and he got a police job.  Several hours later, the baby making process gets started.



While Beelinda was drilling away, I got a message that Sinbad and Justina got married. I guess those two were just meant to be.


Drone whatever and the F kids drove by in a stolen MM.  Bastards!


Morning sickness  kicks in.


Tiny Space Rock, Mercury, Gnome, Turquoise and an Emerald.  Not a bad haul.  As soon as she’s done being ill, I will be sending her back out.   A soulpeace, blue topaz and some gold were added before she had to fill in the hole.


While filling in the hole, we got word that the last of the D kids had died.  Evelyn and Mint Slush had triplets though making Beelinda a grandma again x 3.


That moment when you get the feeling that everyone hates your miner.  None of these people live within a mile of her house either.  Dumbasses.


Got to keep mining!


Her collection so far minus two tiberium off to get cut.  This does not include her scrap.  She has 100 in her inventory now.


No one is happy with Beelinda’ s new fence.


Bee just watches and laughs at them.


It took 6 holes, but we finally got a winner.


Nothing found in the hole, but her tiberium were delivered.  Now we just need to get rid of the stink cloud before she goes into labor.


Bee was then tasked with filling in all the holes she  had created.


Well, that was the goal.  She quickly sprung a leak and was off to the hospital.


I think she looks large enough for multiples.  She got fertility treatment as a reward for making it through 9 men and 54 kids.


I can’t wait to escape these inbred yokels.


Sinbad became a grandpa for the first time when his daughter Varya married and had Joey with Felix Drone.   He is the newest addition to the Queen gene pool.


Anyways, I found all that while trying to find out if what I heard about Isabelle was true.  Turned out that it was Heather Bee that married my SimJenn.


In case you were wondering, Tucker is still alive.  He works, eats and sleeps.  That’s about it.  I did have him go around and fix all the broken showers the night previously.  He gets stressed at work really easy too.  Very annoying.  Four days at work and he isn’t even halfway through level 1.


Jake and Jacinda were brought home.


They eventually got skilled up by their dad.  Bee was still stuck on the miner.  She needs a Palladium for the simbot opportunity.


Joseph and Jordan were born soon after.  I gave Beelinda a break and made her do the skilling this time.


Somewhere, in another room…a lullaby was heard.


Finally it was time for yet more skilling.  These two are basically roommates with benefits.  Neither one has any wants or wishes to be with the other.


Joseph and Jordan are finally kids.  All wishes were rolled up to this point.


Jacinda really turned out nicely.  Still not sure about that skin tone though.  I changed Tucker’s way back when, but not to Orange, that’s for damn sure.


Jake also turned out really nicely.

Soon, the last batch was done cooking…


Beelinda brought home baby James and Tucker carried in Jessica.  As with the other four, they were aged up immediately and training was started.


With two adults and two teens, skilling should be a breeze for once.  I’m more than ready to put this family to bed.



The boys are vastly different.  One living to paint, the other living in his imagination.

Beelinda was off getting rid of a stir crazy moodlet.


The teens would play with the kids, but getting them to help skilling was asking too much apparently.


Jordan and Joseph soon turned teen and ran off to do some classes.


Beelinda, breaking the forever young hold, was cheered on by Jessica and James.


As you can see, cakes and birthdays are glitched in my game.  We are trying one more time before I let Beelinda starve to death and die.


Still even after blowing the candles off of two cakes, Beelinda still does not age up.  This is why none of the kids for the past two drones have had cakes either.


While Jessica still insistes on Celebrating, Beelinda is about to expire from standing there all day to blow out candles.


Beelinda now dead, is still being celebrated by Jessica.


Jessica:  Yippee!  Yay!   I love you Grimmy!  I’m your #1 fan!


Tucker was late coming home from work and missed saying goodbye.


Jessica finally caught on to what was really happening and started to pretend to care just like her brothers and sister.


Beelinda Queen.  Lived in two towns.  She was the mother to 60 children.  Grandmother to 18 children.  Great grandmother to 12 children.  Great- great grandmother to 4.  She had a cheater reputation x10, spent most of her life pregnant and never spoke to 90% of her kids after they moved out with their fathers.

A quick tour around town showed happy people out and about.  The only mourners were at Beelinda’s former house.

Proof that if you ignore your kids and pretend to hate them, they will do the same to you.


5 thoughts on “Drone 10

  1. “While Beelinda was drilling away”

    I found this way more funny than I should have LoL
    Well, does it feel good to be done now? These baby challenges are so nice to put behind when you do them, at least mine was LoL I get sick of looking at the same sims for so long.

    1. I am sure I could have had Beelinda grab a sandwich, but her death while the kid cheered was too funny to stop. I am supremely glad that it’s over. If I wouldn’t have looked like a fool, I would have been dancing around the house.

  2. Congratulations on a (rather morbid) end to your Queen Bee challenge! I’m glad you started a new Random Legacy challenge :3.

    1. Thanks! It was sorta morbid wasn’t it. I wasn’t actually trying to kill her off, I was just ignoring her needs trying to get the stupid cakes to work.

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