Drone 8

Well, we last saw Beelinda after Hilary Bee joined the family.  The fact that it is a million degrees and too hot to play means that Hilary will count and all subsequent time machine babies will too.


Hilary did come as a young adult.  Her LTW was the painting and guitar one.  I let her spend her time working on both.


I then had them see if we could get a second one.


Beelinda ran straight off to have a pukefest.


Soon after, Heather Bee joined the family as a teen.


After some more morning sickness, Beelinda finally changed her outfit.


Heather kept her everyday outfit from the past like her sister, but both received makeovers for every other outfit.


Cocoa is not ready to have babies in the house.  He wouldn’t stop freaking out.


Beelinda is ecstatic to be getting the kid out of her.


We have Harriet and her twin Harry.  They will skill up and have some cake soon.


Just not before Bee and Cocoa try for another past kid.


And a present one too.


Sinbad#2 and Beelinda have forgotten that they know each other.  Might possibly have to do with his disappearing grave.  I have to keep making a new one and putting it under the stairs.  He does still show up as the father to Justina’s kids at least.  The three ghost genies are still on the family tree, they just don’t exist anywhere.


Mint called up Cocoa to chat.  Cocoa told him to prepare for more grandkids that aren’t really his grandkids.   If you read Boo or I may have mentioned previously, Cocoa is Mint’s dead wife’s kid with another man.  He apparently doesn’t notice daughter #3 making a surprise appearance.


Hannah Bee: OMG!  A real bed!  Totally beats the sticks and leaves I have been using.


I left you two alone long enough to take 4 pics and this is what you do to me?  Ugh!


Creeper alert!  I saw that Heather had put a booby trap in here and came to see if Cocoa set it off, I was surprised to find out that Sinbad is already taking care of it.


Heather came in to watch Sinbad get pissed off.  Instead she got a major eyefull of some m/m baby action.


The twins, one a vamp, the other not show off who skills the pegs first.


Then we do some dual potty training.


Then they are ignored for a while and work on the xylo.


Beelinda:  Do you mind?  I would like to vomit without an audience for once.


Hannah ended up being a teen also, so she had a day off school.  It was walking time at the Queen house.


Beelinda headed over to the Drone 7 house to take care of some Bronson wishes that magically appeared after Hannah showed up.


Too bad it took 4 hours for her to pop.  I was getting annoyed.


Beelinda:  I’ll take a Watch the Stars for 250 happy points followed by a kiss please.


You got both.  Now remember, we are done with him.  No more Bronson wishes.


Getting the last of the skilling done..or trying to.  Cocoa takes off to get to work.


The next afternoon, Beelinda was on her way to the consignment shop when labor struck.  She chose to come back for a home delivery like an idiot.


After dropping Harvey on the floor like a hot potato, she went back to the consignment shop.  Now we know what happened to the missing Richie.  He is the NPC consignment worker and even though she kissed the hell out of him, I don’t have NPC romance turned on.  He is scratched off the list.


While Bee and Richie eat each others faces, Cocoa drops his kid.


Beelinda hurried home and dumped Cocoa within minutes of the delivery.

Oddly enough I never got pics of the last three kids or Cocoa’s twins.  sigh.  Good thing the game is open while I take on Drone 9..lol


Harry – Snob, Virtuoso, Genius


Harriet – Grumpy, Evil, Easily Impressed.


Harvey – Friendly, Frugal, Genius.


Olivia and Oscar are twins by Cocoa and Sinbad.  Olivia is a meteor ghost baby.  Oscar is the vampire.  Neither one show Sinbad as their father.  I added Sinbad to the household and added him to the twins’ family tree.  I also found the three ghost genies that disappeared a really long time ago. I added them back to the house too.  LOL

Cocoa, the 6 drone kids and the Sinbad twins all moved out.


Drone 9 was picked out.  The stats show that Beelinda’s longest relationship is with Sinbad #1.  Sinbad #2 shows one with Justina.  They both got a clean slate.


Baby 1 is on the way!


5 thoughts on “Drone 8

  1. Oh Heather is cute! I like the pale green hair! And her cheekbones. Bee and Cocoa had some really cool looking kids in all!

    I REALLY like Cocoa and Sinbad’s kids too. They are both neat looking!

    1. The Twins – They are genetically consistent with Cocoa, but not Sinbad, as he was not on the family tree, still boggles me why the one did come as a ghost though. I have a kid of Bee and Sinbad…It rivals 23 in ugliness. Beelinda has always thrown out ugly kids, but mixed with Sinbad..I think they should all drown.

      I also find it funny that all the Cocoa/Beelinda kids have Mint’s hair and he isn’t really related at all. Heather is cute. I was surprised since I only see her in her past outfit.

  2. That sucks that Sinbad’s grave keeps disappearing! Poor Heather saw her father getting raped by a ghost, no amount of therapy will cure that ; p.

    1. LOL! Cocoa and SInbad have a secret love or something going on. They call each other all the time. I might have to let them get together when all is said and done.

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