Drone 7, Part 2

I had forgotten to put my 60-hour pregnancy mod back in.  Now that it’s back in, the updates should (should!) go back to one per drone.

I aged up the triplets as soon as the game loaded.



It’s 99 degrees here today, so I was not in the mood to fight with CAS.  They will get a makeover eventually.


Daddy drone potty trained them all before work.


The two clones I can’t tell apart.  One is Georgia and the other is Gwen.


This is the other one, either Georgia or Gwen.


This is Gertie.


The next batch is on the way.  She had to stop teaching skills for two months so she could pop.


She eventually got back to it.


Grace is alive, she was just at school for her first day.  Now she is doing her first homework.


The girls are all done skilling.  I let them play on the blocks for a while.  No cake, because I just don’t want to deal with it.


Grace came down to play with her sisters after her homework was done and dinner eaten.


Soon they were all aged up, pre-makover pics.


Gwen felt the need to clean the toilet before I sent her up to paint.


I had Gertie, Grace, Bronson and Georgia all playing chess.  Gwen took Bronson’s place when he left for work.  Soon after, Grace took off for school.  The triplets had another day off still.


While the girls played chess, Beelinda finally made a time machine.


40 hours later, it was baby time.


Girl #5 is Glory Bee.


And the very first boy and last kid is Gary Drone.


Again, Bronson did the potty training before work.


It was quick and easy for the 5th and 6th time.


Then it was off to work and school for most of the house.


Beelinda then rolled out of bed to do the skilling.


The girls came home from school and did their homework.  I then sent them all out for a painting class.


After a break, both parents got in to the skilling mood.


Then the youngest two aged up and I moved them out without any pics at all.  My bad!

Since I did an edit town move, everyone was still standing outside of it.




and Gary.  He is showing you his mean spirited face Open-mouthed smile


I had forgotten to get Beelinda to dump Bronson, so she caught him on his way to work to do just that.


I then sent her to scope out Drone 8.


After a little bit, Darwin Drone watches his mother swoop in and steal away his boyfriend.


He was not happy about this situation.  Cocoa ran off to work and Beelinda ran off home.


I was waiting for Cocoa to get off work so he could go dump Darwin.  I watched Bronson and three of the kids telling jokes outside the theater.


I would fix you up, but you stole Beelinda’s motive mobile.  You can just suffer with depression.


Beelinda had tried to accuse Cocoa of cheating within minutes of moving in together, but he avoided this by being at work.  We took care of the problem post haste.


They tried out some time machine woohoo first.


It took three woohoos in the photo booth for a lullaby.


While Bee and Cocoa watched the stars together, Hilary Bee Queen jumped out of the way of 300 arrows and moved in saying something about being left in cave.   I have her uploaded now along with Bronson and his six kids for Madcapp.


I got Hilary all situated and had everyone go to bed.

I never get time machine kids with one time machine woohoo.  I was not expecting her, but the fact that she has Mint Slush’s hair pleases me.  She will stay and move out with her dad and siblings.  I have not decided if she will count as child 1 or not yet.


5 thoughts on “Drone 7, Part 2

  1. Even without makeovers those kids are ADORABLE! I love Bronson’s genes as much as I love him. LoL A boy! omg! His first boy in both our games. And only boy to date. LoL Gary is special! 😀 I love the yellow eyes he got too. Are they all on your page or are they in mediafire?
    It’s funny he stole her MM LoL Since I took his away after Showtime fucking sold it when he went to a show.

    I can’t wait to see more of Cocoa’s kids. Hilary is interesting. I hope they get some purpley ones LoL

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