Drone 7, Part 1

Hey look who’s back!  I took a huge ass vacation from Beelinda and Co., but with only three drones and 18 kids left, I decided it was time.  I have her three men all picked out, but added some more just for S&G’s.

It’s also a test to see if my stupid Wishacy/Boo lag follows me around.  Then I’ll be able to pretty much guarantee that it’s too much hair.  2gb of hair isn’t a lot..is it?  <(O_O)>

It’s funny, she’s been in maternity wear for so long, I forgot what she was wearing.  She got a new wardrobe anyway.  I moved the child of Justina’s out and had her move in with Sinbad and the rest of her family.  Now I’m making a household of men for Beelinda.  She’ll have to move fast or her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will swoop in and eat them alive.

I recycled some men and put 5 choices in one house.  Most have all done Boo at one point in time.  I have poor Bronson and Richie, the two most recent Boo conquests.  I put in Mint and Cocoa Slush who are not related really, but I put them as father/son for this file.  Boo and Mint had Illusion Splash.  Café Slush and Grape Splash had Cocoa.  Boo later nailed Cocoa and gave Grape a stepson who was also his great grandchild.  It’s very creepy over thataway.  I then put a TUF creation Belgian Chocolate in with them.  He has not been used and abused by anyone yet.  He is over in Boo town as I used him to start it up, but  he has not made it on her radar yet.


Well, here are the poor saps.  Back row is Richie and Cocoa.  Front is Mint, Bronson and Belgian.


Beelinda isn’t one to let cobwebs grow between her legs.  She swooped in via magic teleportation.     Is Richie looking at Bee or Bronson’s ass?

Bronson:  Do-do-do, he better not be looking at my ass.
Mint:  Can I bend you over a desk?
Bee:  *swoons*


Richie:  I was looking at her ass.  Now back off!
Belgain:  That Bronson sure is hot.
Cocoa:  I’m so confused.  How did I get here.  Where’s my Boo?


Bronson:  This is so awesome!  I’m going to start a collection called “All the sluts I’ve nailed”.
Richie:  Ohoh!  Can I have a copy of that pic?
Belgian:  *freaks out*  Why?  Why is he taking a photo of her?
Mint goes to bed.


Bronson stares at Bee’s ass.
Belgain took the next pic.
Cocoa:  I’m tired..what do I do when I’m tired again?
Richie:  How can I nail her when all I have is a bunk bed?


Poor Bronson.  All the guys left and he was alone with the QB.
Bee: If I build a bar, would you have a drink with me?


Bronson:  Definitely.  I will definitely need to drink a lot to nail you for six kids.


That’s all it took.  I love that level 9 Charisma + inappropriate = babies.   They were good friends because he took the pic of her.  When she asked him about drinks, they became best friends.   They quickly moved past that to romantic interests.


Bronson:  That was a great kiss, but it still wasn’t enough to block out that you have 36 kids that are all still alive somehow.


She asked about his job – unemployed.  She gossiped with him – one of her kids has a rocky marriage, and then she asked how his day was – not good since he met her.  Then he moved in.

This next portion was all autonomous…no lie.   I left the two B’s to make their way home.  Santiago (the mummy vampire hybrid thingy) got off work and netted us $590.


He didn’t get a makeover because he is not important.  He did get new hair though.  Justina was put in some decent clothes.  Anyway, when I came to check on them, she was on her way to ask him to watch the stars with her.  About this time, Bee and Bronson got home.


I died.  They walked in the door and went straight to bed.

Bronson:  I’m so getting lucky tonight!


These two are not even friends yet, so it was cute to watch them.


Bee:  He wants to try for baby?  On our first woohoo?  Yay!
Bronson:  What dafuq was I thinking?


Bronson and Bee:  That was quite pleasant.


Bronson and Bee pulled a TFB again.   Um..you’re already pregnant goobers!   I lost my wall pattern, what a blinding light.


Okay, why is everything doubled?  They moved to a different spot and watched the stars again.


I zoomed back over to find them flirting.  So adorably cute.   It was then that I decided that Bronson would not have a hard time of it like previous drones.


Bronson:  OMG!  For me??

At this exact moment, Bronson wished for a job.  I died.


I had these guys go up and TFB too.


I peeked through a window and these two were still flirting madly.


I had Bee clean house to kids music.  I had Bronson get a job in business, which is what he wished for, Santiago fell asleep, and Justina was tasked with watching the kids channel.  Only later did I realize she had fertility treatment Disappointed smile

Oh and her and Bee keep fighting now.


The newest businessman wanted to read and take a class in charisma.  So he did.


Beelinda wanted to eat Lobster at the public pool.  So, I first had her cook it and then sent her and Justina together.    I also got a pop up that Richie and Cocoa thought it would be best if Cocoa moved out.  So, the men are moving out and fending for themselves.


While eating, the girls discussed that they would probably need to invest in a baby shoe factory.


Beelinda pondered if putting a Band-Aid between their legs would stop the influx of babies.


Justina:  OMG!  Won’t our pubes get ripped out when we have to pee?
Bee:  Oh for the love of Sims, yoo’re a sissy.  Think of it as a new way to wax.  Fine, we’ll just have to invest in a bottle factory too.


Justina:  We might as well buy into a teddy factory too.
Bee:  Lingerie…good idea.  You can never have too much hoochie clothes.
Justina:  No, no.   A teddy bear factory.


All conversation came to a halt.  When Bee finally got the lobster/pool points, we got informed that Amanda Bee had passed on.  Sad smile   We also got word that Mint and Evelyn Bee were dating and Belgian Chocolate and a new townie are dating.


Beelinda then ran off to puke.  We were then informed that Bridget Bee had passed on.


While Bee is losing the lobster, we found Atticus Drone wandering about.


Justina didn’t want Bee to feel bad alone, so she went and lost her lobster too.


This guy is Randolph Burton.  He has Beelinda hair, but she has never met him.  He is talking to Daisy Bee.  I had Bee head over and do a friendly intro while Justina puked.


Juston Queen showed up too.  If you remember, he was married to Allan Drone and they had a kid together.


We have now found out that Randolph is her grandson.  Oh, I found him.  He is Arianna Bee’s child.

All the kids up to the 6 C kids are elders now.  We were informed that  Chris Drone has passed on.


Beelinda had enough for a moodlet manager.  She cured herself of the mourning moodlet.  This was needed since Bridget left 30 people an inheritance, but Beelinda was not one of them.  This goes for all the kids that died today.  None left her anything.  I was proud of them.


This is one of the Wayfield triplets.  He risked peeing his pants to take this photo.   I was just notified that Evelyn Bee and Mint Slush were living together now that they had gotten married.


She gave her 4th born child a hug and they chatted for a little bit.


He died soon after she got home that day.


Bee decided that she wanted to make a time machine.  Santiago wanted to learn potions and Bronson wanted to play guitar.  I set them to their tasks.



Beelinda worked until it was time for a change of clothes.


A couple of hours later it was Justina’s turn.

Justina:  I wonder if it’s too late to try out the Band-Aid method?


So with her having fertility treatment and Beelinda listening to kids music..I think we’ll have a full house soon.


I told them both to go watch tv while Bronson finished up a Charisma book followed by a baby book.  Then he and Santiago joined in with the girls.


Beelinda painted her third masterpiece.  Justina played pool.


I’m trying to get them to develop their relationship so they can get married and move out.


The tummy comparison.  I think Justina is bigger.


Right behind the counter, Beelinda is making Justina spaghetti.  Bronson, being a dumbo, asked Justina to watch the stars.


Beelinda got pissed, but then one of her kids died so she forgot about him.


I was just queuing her up for the moodlet manager when those two started flirting.  I was shocked.


What happens next had me laughing so hard.   Beelinda got pissed, fixed her mood, and then this happened.


Beelinda;  Follow me…now.  We still have to have five kids together.  You are not allowed to piss me off and ruin this.
Bronson:  So, flirting with another woman nets me woohoo.  *takes notes*


The fact that Justina followed him to compliment his personality about killed me.   I was dying by now.


Justina;  The fact that you think woohoo is going to save him from my clutches is very entertaining.


Justina:  I am no longer amused.


Beelinda and Bronson ran off to watch the stars.  I died when I came across the lonely plate of spaghetti.  She apparently was so mad at Bronson and Justina that she just tossed the plate on the floor.  What is even funnier is that they are only romantic interests and she still has her commitment issues.  I think we might have a problem.


Call me unobservant for like the whole update, but that is not Bronson’s hair.  Why is this happening again?


I had him head to the stylist place and change his hair back.


He then spun into work clothes and now his hair is gone again.  I give up.



Labor happened while Bronson was at work, so Beelinda chose the smart method and walked to the hospital.


By the time Beelinda got to the crosswalk, Justina went into labor too.


Justina;  Wait for me!!
Bee:  I can’t hear you through the pain.


Bee:  I’m about to drop a 9lb bowling ball and she thinks I’m waiting for her?  After she tried to steal my baby daddy?  I don’t even think so.


Well, we hit the G kids.  This is Grace Bee.  One down and five to go.


Justina had twin boys.  John and Joe.  One is a pyro that is immune to fire and the other is a genie immune to fire.  Neither one got the vampire trait.


I have no use for babies.  So Grace was aged up before she ever went in the house.  She looks so much like daddy, that I even  put freckles on so she could match him that way too.  I see no Beelinda in there.


After some photo booth fun, Beelinda was caught right after the first bout of morning sickness hit.



The boys were quickly aged up and potty trained.  The whole family moved out soon after.  Justina is now engaged to one of the D kid drones.


Grace was potty trained before the boys even got home from the hospital.  Beelinda started her on walking the next morning.


After work that night, Bronson taught his girl to talk.

Grace:  Mommy and daddy should get married and live together forever and ever!

Seriously Grace?  Thanks a lot.  Both Bronson and Beelinda want to get married now.  They wished it within three hours of her learning to talk.


Beelinda popped instead of taking Grace to her cake.  I am hoping for twins this time around.  I couldn’t believe she had a singlet when she had kids music in every room.


Grace was eventually taken to the cake.


And turned into an adorable little girl.


She learned potions, maxed her blocks and had a tea party with Peanut.


Bronson played the guitar, the bass and the piano.  He maxed gardening, logic and something else, by book reading only.


Oh yeah, cooking.  He got his LTW of maxing three skills.


Beelinda is still working on the wish for a time machine.


She managed to make a miner before labor.


When she got home Bronson dealt with the basket while Beelinda ran up to make her young again potion.


Blech girl.  You need new hair.


I so cheated.  Rules state that Beelinda can’t have fertility treatment.  I was like okay, let’s give it to Bronson instead.  We have Gwen, Georgia and Gertie.

While the babies are safely asleep, quick use of the tree house netted us another lullaby.  We are definitely going to need a part two.  The game has been on on all day (first pic was taken 11 hrs ago) and was in desperate need of a restart.

NO LAG!  I might have to move the wishacy over here and see how it does.  While this was uploading to WP from WLW, I did a comparison and delete between the two files.  They were almost exactly the same.  Wishacy file had 5 towns though that put it up 500 mb.  I removed the ones I didn’t need.  We’ll see how that goes next time I’m in the mood to be mad.


6 thoughts on “Drone 7, Part 1

  1. I like Mint’s pick-up line there LOL
    And Richie is harrassing Bronson again I see. >,<

    "Bronson: This is so awesome! I’m going to start a collection called “All the sluts I’ve nailed”.
    Richie: Ohoh! Can I have a copy of that pic?"

    In fact that whole opening with all of the guys was hilarious LoL

    What is up with Bronson's hair? LoL

    Uh oh. Ladies fighting over Bronson. That's a switch for him.

    LMAO Grace told them to get married and they were like, "Yes, why didn't we think of that?" Commitment issues and all.

    So glad there was no lag in this one. I hope you can beat it in the wishacy file too though.

    1. Omg I’m in so much shit with the hubby right now. I am seriously hiding whenever he walks by giving me death to Jenn looks. I apparently forgot to install my graphics card drivers. He said I was lucky I haven’t made a lump of shit out of it. I just downloaded it and installed it. I lost my asylum back to May 31, so I’m going to replay that since it is a small world with only 10 people on it. I also was suggest to use an FPS limiter, so I’m looking into it but the MATY shitheads don’t believe in helping people, so I have to figure it out myself.

      I can’t wait to get back in there. I love Grace. I can’t believe the triplets were all girls 😦 I wanted at least one clone boy.

      1. Maybe the next will be a boy. And holy crap! I’m glad you didn’t fry anything. :O
        Bronson seems to give girls a LOT considering I got 2 and you’ve gotten 4 now.

      2. I’m half tempted to marry them and give them no jealousy stuff to finish off the last two drones. They are the most compatible since Sinbad. Sinbad disappeared a long time ago and I put a new version in for Justina. Then the game killed him and his 3 ghost children. His four live children are still kicking though. So, I put his grave back on the lot.

        We shall see, I think she was pregnant again when I saved and quit earlier.

  2. I’m glad you updated your QB legacy :3. Justina and Bronson flirting was funny. Can’t wait to see how all the other kids look.

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