Drone 6 – Let’s Have No Rules Today

I kind of got sidetracked and then veered off course for this Drone.  Anyway, when I opened up the game and realized that there were no men in town that weren’t related to Beelinda, I opened up CAS and a really pretty female appeared, which never happens.  I merged her genetics with Drake from Chobits

This guy is the result of my genetic manipulation.  Meet Drone 6: Madison Portage.  He wants to be an Architectural Designer, so that is the job we got him.

We got Beelinda’s last wish and chose to free the genie Open-mouthed smile

Yep, three phonebooths, three families, and in three days.  We all know how I love it.

Madison made over the bathroom of one of the QB kids.  She ended up liking it a lot.


o.O The Genie Justina!  I gave her pink hair and eyes.

Madison is being a creeper while I was waiting for the baby pop.  These two are the most compatible together over the whole challenge.  The number hits at 127 on a scan room.

Yep.  The Genie and the Ghost….lol  Sounds like a tv show title….or a romance novel.

Yep, this genie Justina is producing children for Roarke to choose from.

Sigh.  Madison you’re supposed to be working, not flirting!

Madison got a bad attitude from Joey the (elder) Drone 5.  Even after redoing the library request he was ungrateful.  Madison doesn’t like bad reviews on his hard work and poisoned Joey o.O.    It’s not murder..it’s population control!

A/N – Just spent two hours doing a major overhaul of the family tree.  This is the link – Family Tree  Also went back through and changed the Genie to Justina, since I have the game open and could check.

Beelinda:  Hey, I found out like two days ago that I was pregnant.
Madison:  Yay?

From another angle his “Yay” looks like “WTF? Don’t you have 30 of them already?  Maybe you should retire that overused uterus?”

This was the moment that it was decided.  Justina is never leaving.  They were adorable watching Kidz Zone together.  They happen to be best friends without me helping it along at all.

I was dying while they girls were watching and chatting.  In the background you can watch Sinbad scare Madison.  Then Madison goes back up the stairs, changes his mind and comes back down the stairs and Sinbad scares the crap out of Madison again.

I can’t believe the pics were a bust.  Madison ran off to build Darwin Drone a place to paint.  He got a good review and a promotion. He is now level 3.  He then added some windows and doors to one of Beelinda’s Grandkids’ house and got a good review for that too.  Sinbad has the day off, but he’s still a criminal.  Beelinda still has her level 8 writer job and Justina hasn’t gotten one yet.

Yep, these two have kept me amused for quite awhile now.

Francine Bee and Steffan

Fern Bee and Charlie  – ghost genie baby!

The baby collection!

It was Sinbad and Justine’s turn in the photobooth.  I did hear a lullaby….just not sure who it was!

Fern is on the left and Francine is on the right.

So cute even if Francine looks like she’s half asleep.

Charlie is on the left and Steffan is on the right.   So freakin’ cute!!

Madison:  I have this weird feeling…

This is literally Sinbad’s favorite past time.  He does this all day long.  They aren’t very far from full on enemy status.


I was trying to get a little payback for Madison.

Madison: That was no fun at all!

This was very random and surprising.

The females were stir crazy, so I sent them off to a party and had the men do the skilling.

Justina came home and popped!

Lame Beelinda got home and I was having her teach this on something.  Instead of dropping the kid and running, she ran to puke with the kid…lol

Skilling four toddlers is no picnic, but luckily they are almost done and ready for their birthdays.

Beelinda was not only late to the pregnancy party, she also stood in that spot for 12 hrs trying to pop.

Finally!  It took longer than expected and Justina is looking mighty large.

Charlie is still adorable.

Justina threw us a curve ball and landed us triplets.  Lucas is the only boy, Angela and Varya

It was time for their birthdays when Beelinda went into labor.

She tried to sneak off to the hospital, but I stopped her in time.

Beelinda gave us Freddie and Frankie.  We now have 4 children and 5 toddlers.

Charlie is on the right and Steffan is on the left.  Fern is the one with her back to the camera and Francine is opposite her.

Prepare yourself now.  The cute is going to attack.

Here are Frankie and Freddie.

Here is Varya and Lucas

Followed by little Angela.  All three have the hidden genie trait and are immune to fire.
Skilling was a nightmare.  It took forever.  An army of 10 adults was needed for this.

His is what 9 kids look like on the blocks before school.


Frankie and Freddie

Varya and Angela

Francine and Fern.

I have no clue where my ghost boys are.

If you knew Carl Drone like I do, you would cringe at this pic.  He is the MOST hated person on the simplanet.  Evil cowers in his presence.  He has 1 friend (his mom), 10 dislikes and 30 enemies.

The school traffic jam is a who’s who of Beelinda’s kids, grandkids and a couple of great-grandkids.  It takes so long for them to get in to learn that the bus to go home shows up before the last kid is inside.  Beelinda spends most of the day scolding each child right in front of the school.

She’s the one on the left starving…to yell at all 9 kids.



As soon as Justina popped, I had Sinbad and his 5 kids move out.  It was two or three saves later that I realized that Charlie and Steffan were missing.  They still show up in Justina’s family tree, but they are nowhere in the world.  Overwatch can’t find them and they are not dead in the mortuary.  I was quite saddened by this because I adore those boys and I never got Steffan’s child makeover pic.

I reset the town and then ran overwatch again, but still nothing.  Sinbad and the triplets are still in the house that was bought for them.

The girls are about to have their birthdays, so I thought we should see if kids could go in the photobooth.  Not happy with their selection, but they are cute.

Francine and Fern are finally teens.

So, I got bored with the skilling and waiting around popping out babies.  Meet this guy.  I created him in a lab.  He is in his work outfit now, but he is half mummy and half vampire.  Poor guy is going to impregnate Justina for genie vampire mummies.

Beelinda (luckily) popped out her third set of twins.  The radio and tv were full of win for her this time around.  Meet Felix and Fiona.

The also continue on with the cycle of cute.  They were a breeze to skill on top of that.

Felix, Fiona, the other 4 kids and Drone 6 all moved out.  Drone 6 promptly got engaged to Cathy Bee.

This is the ghost genie that Justina gave us.  When I tried to move her in with Sinbad, I got a pop up saying that she died from a meteor.  She then got greyed out, but luckily the game hadn’t deleted her yet (unlike her two brothers), so I was able to add her back into the family in time via Master Controller.

The Drone 1, 2 and half of 3 are turned elder over the course of this update.  It really did take all stinking day when I played.  Justina will be around for random weird baby attempts, but nothing like the marathon she just did with Sinbad.


6 thoughts on “Drone 6 – Let’s Have No Rules Today

  1. Francine is so pretty! I like her a lot. Especially her grumpy face. Like when she was glaring at her cake. Haha
    How did you create a half mummy and half vampire? Also I thought the mummies were infertile?

    1. With Mods anything can happen, He was a townie and I used a mod to turn him into both a mummy and vampire. Funny stuff right there. They are only infertile with the game mummies. Mod mummies aren’t. Just like if you make a modded simbot you can have robot kids….woah…mummy/vamirebot!

  2. Well now at least their is some new blood in town with Justina’s kids. But sadly that won’t last, because when they grow up their going to start breeding with Beelinda’s family. LOL.

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