The First 6 – Where Are They Now?

I thought it would be nice to do a check up on the first six kids.   I will not be doing any CAS changes or saving the game as I will be changing from family to family.

Drone 1
I just found out that Darrin Peters – Drone 1 is dead.  I have no clue when.

Darrin Peters –  6 kids with Beelinda.  Married Alyssa Peters and had a daughter named Hilda.  Hilda is in high school and she is dating Danny.

Andrew –
Andrew currently lives alone with his cat, Stripe.  Stripe is one of the last litters that Ninja Queen had.  She is two days from turning elder.  Andrew’s LTW is to be a Descendent of Da Vinci.  He is 13 days from being an elder.  He has one child, Leland and a grandchild, Broderick.  He is enemies with his ex-girlfriend, my Vanilla Simself and his half-brother, Carl Drone.  His other ex-girlfriend, Angela is now married to his brother Atticus.   The mother of his child is Alyssa Peters.  She later married his father o.O

He currently is on good terms with his brothers and sisters.  He has no romantic interests.  He has made it to level 5 of the inventor career.  He has mastered sculpting and inventing and is approximately level 7 in handiness.

Leland is four days from full Adult.  He is married to Amy who is already an adult by about 4 days.  She has one daughter named Natalie.  She is the sister of Drone 5.  Natalie’s father is not listed, so he might have been left in the old town.  They have a son together named Broderick.  Leland is level 7 in culinary.  Amy is level 8 in music.  Leland is enemies with Carl Drone, ex-girlfriend Angela Queen who is now his aunt and my simself.   Amy’s ex-boyfriends include Brandon Drone and Allan Drone.  She hates my simself.

Natalie’s boyfriend is James Beaker.  He is the offspring of Drone 3 and Adriana Bee.  Broderick has Toya Croft as a romantic interests.  He has no enemies or dislikes.  Natalie is set to turn YA this very day and Broderick in nine days.   Natalie hates both of her ex-boyfriends.  They are Chad Drone and Carl Drone.    It should be noted that on further investigation, Toya Croft is the product of Amanda Bee and her husband Eric.

Does anyone else find that Beelinda’s great-grandson dating her grandchild disturbing?

Arianna Bee Lovejoy

Arianna Bee is married to Marcus Lovejoy.  They have three children together, Sebastian, Tavares and Randolph.  Arianna is level 8 in the Medical Career and Marcus is level 10 in the business career.  Sebastian is level 2 in business.  Tavares is on his last day as a teen.  Randolph is on his last day as a child.  Arianna ages to elder in  17 days.  Marcus ages to elder in 13.  Marcus is enemies with Rebecca Farsley, with whom he has a child older than Sebastian with.  He is also enemies with Carl Drone.  Arianna has no known enemies or dislikes.  Her boss is Drone 5, Joey Lovejoy, who also is her brother-in-law.

Sebastian – is enemies with his uncle, Carl Drone.  He has no girlfriend or romantic interests.
Tavares  – has a dislike pink meter for his uncle Carl Drone.  He also has no romantic interests.
Randolph – Has no personal connections with anyone on the planet.  Too young for romance.

Amanda Bee Croft –

Amanda Bee is level 5 in the military.  She is married to Eric Croft who is level 6 in Politics.  Amanda turns elder in 17 days, Eric in 23.  Neither have any exes listed.  They also have no dislikes or enemies.  Eric has two sisters.  Alyssa Peters and Edith Croft.

They have two daughters, Toya who turns YA in 10 days and Sabrina who turns teen in 5 days.  Toya has Broderick as a romantic interest.  Sabrina is too young.  Neither have enemies or dislikes.

Allan Drone Queen –
He was at work so I had to take him into CAS to see what he looked like.  He is married to Juston.  Allan is level 5 military.  Juston is unemployed.  Allan has two children, one of them is with Juston.  Allan turns elder in 17 days, Juston in 22.  Allan has an ex-girlfriend in Amy Queen (married to Leland).  He is enemies with ex-girlfriend Rebecca Farsley.  Juston barely knows 5 people.

Children – The first is Olga, but she does not live in the house.  We will check on her in a bit.  The other is Rene.  He has no dislikes, enemies or romantic interests.  He is 10 days to YA.  Aha.  Olga’s mom is Rebecca Farsley.  Let’s mosey over to their household.  Olga just turned YA.  She has a step-sister that lives with my simself.  She is level 2 in music.  She has no dislikes, enemies or romantic prospects.

Atticus Drone Queen –

Business level 10.  Married 2 kids.  Angela Queen level 7 in Music.

The oldest son is Tony.  He will be a teen in five days.  Jimmie is a toddler for two more days.

Adriana Bee

Lives with  her son James Beaker.  She is currently level 5 in the military.  She turns elder in 18 days.  She has no romantic interests.  Her enemies/dislikes include: Jillian Croft, Nate Farsley, ex-boyfriend Jonathon Beaker, Artie Croft, Lyndsay Farsley, ex-boyfriend Drone 2 and ex-boyfriend Drone 5 and Carl Drone.

James has one dislike, his girlfriend Natalie Queen.  He turns YA in 9 days.


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