Drone 4 – Part 2

Here is Sunset Valley 2.  It was a completely empty world.  I stole borrowed some buildings from Richdre’s Mesa Flats, because I trust his worlds and the buildings that he puts in them.

I put all rabbitholes in one area.  Hopefully that doesn’t bite me in the ass later on.

We put Beelinda and co. with the house within walking distance of the hospital.  She went there on the first day and explained her situation.  They immediately put her name on one of the room doors and pre-registered her for life.

As you can see, with moving to Any Game Starter, the backup cc folder was replaced therefore, all stuff lost with my downloads folder and was using the backup folder has been replaced with base game junk.  My Futureshock Kitchen will need to be downloaded from the EA store again.

Awwww!  Daisy and Danny are so cute!  Of course the cute really is framed by a MASSIVE jaw.   They have man jaws! Sad smile

Getting a jump start on skilling.


Baby Dakota is now being introduced to you.

No swing means that he immediately gets a birthday.

I wish we could keep P-apple around just for babies!

Now we have three toddlers that need skilling.

Or so you thought.  Here is Danny on his birthday.

and across the table is twin, Daisy.

The nose and jaw really distract me from seeing their cuteness.

P-apple is doing some early morning, half-naked skilling.


Not to be outdone, a half-naked Beelinda takes over while Daisy and Danny chat about the lame cake at the party.

Cue kids music.  I’m hoping for twins to finish out this update.

Not sure how this little guy came about, but he looks to have been stolen from the Vinson family.  I need to check my SP settings.  I hate when they nab people and critters from the bin.

Well, we made it to Dakota’s birthday, despite there being a slight problem for P-apple to actually locate the cake.

The record breaking amount of cute just came to a crashing halt.  Man jaw, giant nose and creepy eyes all hit this poor little guy.

Time is just flying this time around.

Darla is now a teen.

Oh no!  The game is borked!  Why else would they all be sitting together at the same time?

I am getting annoyed that she has painted the same painting three times in a row.

We interrupt repetitive painting for baby birthing!


Eek pre-makeover pic

Here is little Daffodil.  Cute even with the jaw and nose.  She got Beelinda’s pointy ears too.


Darla kidnapped her away from the parents so she could do the skilling.

Finally got some of P-apples royalties.  We finally started furnishing the upstairs.

Time is still flying by.  Daffy (lmao) has learned all she can in the hopes of tasty cake.

That darn jaw again.  I swear poor Daffy would be so cute if not for that.

The last one.  I don’t like this part Sad smile

Only a Tart boy can pull this look off, and P-apple is nothing but Tart!
P-apple:  Bitch, please.  Better hoes than you have tried to keep a Tart boy down.

(this hurts me..he really really adored her).  P-apple:  You will regret this, bitch.  Hurry up and pop my kid out.

Uh oh!  The emotionless bitch is showing emotions?!!?  Beelinda:  I didn’t mean it, P-apple.  It’s my commitment issues!  Forgive me?

A/N:  Please note her face.  I finally put my foot down.  Sometime prior to this pic, I sent her to get plastic surgery on her face.  She got a nose job, jaw work done and freckle removal.  We’ll keep an eye on the kids, her nose still looks like it might cause trouble.  I just this second noticed that her head is shaped like a Plumbob.  Crap!

P-apple:  Pop the kid out or I will strangle you where you stand.  Get out of my sight.

P-apple:  Your only worth is in your ability to pop kids out like Pez dispenser.

I swear she should have popped that kid out a week ago.

Ugh!  I need a moodlet manager STAT..too bad I said I wouldn’t get one.

Danny and Daisy are on their way to Teendom.

Oh gosh. I ❤ her.  There is no mistaking her ancestors.  She even grew into the nose and jaw a bit.

Poor Danny.  His jaw just got bigger.  Not ugly, but certainly not attractive.

Her persistent pouty face is getting annoying.  She pouts over everything…especially P-apple.

It’s finally time.  That’s good, I guess.

You can tell by her face, that she knows what happens next.  I found more rules that I will post a link too on Sims 3 forum.  They state to toss them out when the last one hits toddler age.  I like that idea.   She’s carrying the last one, Darwin.

He turned out so cute.  Pineapple and the kids moved out when he had his toddler birthday.  I just now took his childhood pic.

Drone 5 has been picked out.  Joey Lovejoy.  His brother is married to Arianna Bee.  His sister, Amy is married to Beelinda’s grandson Leland, and together they have a teenage son named Broderick, Beelinda’s only great-grandchild.  No, I didn’t realize this until after he moved in.  We were blinded by the pink and blue hair.

Beelinda is now up to 24 of 60 kids.  Joey is the halfway point.   Stay tuned to our next adventures in babymaking.


3 thoughts on “Drone 4 – Part 2

  1. P-apple: Your only worth is in your ability to pop kids out like Pez dispenser.
    That’s a great line. The next drone looks smexy, it’s not incest;it’s just a little creepy.

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