Drone 3 and the Great Lag

If you read my Vinson Boolprop EPIC, then you have met Asterix and his son, Roarke.   Today, we will be meeting one half of Asterix’s parentage.  The only changes I made to Jonathon Beaker, was his hair color.  It’s normally a dark brown/black.

The Beaker’s were a TS2 family.  Someone remade them for the Sims 3 and someone else put them in a game.  Jonathon was one of the results.

I am hoping he breaks the chain of ugly kids that make up the first 12.  Beelinda has not produced any nice looking kids despite having 2 attractive drones previously.

Jonathon Beaker is Brave, Family-oriented, Ambitious, Nurturing Natural Cook.
I want Master Suite back just for the man jammies!  I liked the bathroom stuff too.

I had stuck a young again potion in Beelinda’s inventory and she autonomously drank it right as she walked up to greet him.

I still hadn’t figured out how to get someone to move in at this point, so we did it through the power of Twallan, but not until we got up to boyfriend status…She’s a heartbreaker you know.

Not sure if he was trying to impress her or what, but he felt the need to put on his bathing trunks.

Success.  We have boyfriend 3 to procreate with.  I’m gonna be sad when she has to break his heart.

Hopefully this is a successful start to the next batch of baby drones and queens.

Both Fitz and Bodica went elder.  Oddly enough, they are still popping out kitties.

We got our confirmation.

Her and Jonathon decided to try out this daycare stuff.   They both wished to quit after the first day.  So did I for that matter.


Here is Carl Drone

and Twin Carrie Bee.

I will not have many pics for this first portion because the lag was bad, and I just played and took highlight pics.

I finally got around to her new hairdo.  She gets one after every young again potion.

One of our last Toddler skilling pics in Santa Teresa.

No time for the library we set the twins up in the front yard with the books.

This sucked.  I tried to debugenable her and waited until the 105th hour before finally ending the pregnancy.  I had planned to do an instant baby with twins, but decided against that.  I just went and had them start again.

Here she is at 105 hrs.  She still rubbed her tummy and smiled at it.  Jonathan still came up to listen to it.  It was not a phantom pregnancy, she just wouldn’t pop.

FOUR kitties this time.  They were soon given to family members, and they did make the trip to SV.

I think the face masks are so adorable.

This was different though.  It had a faint yellow patch on the forehead and customary yellow tipped ears, but the rest was pretty plain, but nice.

Two looked like this.


We did not get the twins back that we lost, but we did get this little guy.  Meet Chris Drone.



Yeah, no spacing out this time.  We had to make up for lost time.

Sinbad doing the Freak Out dance.  Toddler skilling was not going well, so the first two have not gotten caked yet.

Here is Chris almost caught up to his older brother and sister in the skilling department.

Here he is post makeover.

This is when the move happened.  A lot was in testing and no pics were taken.  When I noticed the lag was gone, I decided not to quit and replay.

Here are the current kids in the house.

Carl DroneCarrie Bee
Here are Carl and Carrie

Chris Drone
Chris that followed them.

Carol BeeChad Drone
Then twins Carol and Chad.  I’m glad I did end up getting twins again.

We are now starting the Sunset Valley portion with only one more child to go.  Jonathon was not successful in destroying Beelinda’s ugly genes.  Although, Carol is absolutely adorable to me.  I am so glad to see a different hair color finally.

I literally just dropped Fitz in the game, so off to reattach the family tree and get the last kid popped.

Christopher Steel is always gay in my games.  You better make Allan happy!

Allan is my first gay sim in months.  I went in last week and adjusted the settings.  Glad to see that it worked.

I didn’t have to reattach Fitz!  Yay, but there are three kittens of his not showing up.  They do show up for Bodica, so they have to be in town somewhere.  Bodica is having kittens, I didn’t realize this at the time of the move.  This will be their last litter.  The kitten on the far right is the heiress.  She is called Ninja Queen.

We lost our set of books and so they will work on pegs and music while Beelinda runs to the store.


Too bad you’re about to spend all your money on books.  You look like you need a spa treatment.

Ninja Queen:  What is it?  Is it a new flower pot?
Carl:  No, Ninja, it’s just a pot to piss in.

When the elevation was off, I did the constrainfloorelevation thing.  The house and people got half buried.  We lost the potties and other random stuff.

The rules are for Sims 3, but one rule states that to make it fair to Sims 2 players, we can’t use our rewards.  I say that is bull.  I could care less what the Sims 2 people can or can’t do.  I think it’s time I veer off the path of the rules a slight bit and go my own way.  I’ll still follow a majority of them, but if she can earn the points, she can spend them.   I do agree that the moodlet manager, Motive Mobile and fertility treatment will not be bought.  Just the other crap.

I had her buy the No Bills Ever, Steel Bladder, Dirt Defiant and the Collection Helper.

Already?  Poor Drone 1

March 8, 2012 – Coming in to post the rest of the pics that I forgot about.  I totally thought this was done and ready to be posted.   I did the family tree just now so that will be posted soon.   Memory is faulty, so we will just have to wing it.

It looks like Chris is finally getting a birthday.  I have no clue what kids got what skills.

Meet the last one, Cathy Bee.  I believe she immediately had her birthday.

Labor and delivery must have been especially hard after the weird 105 hr pregnancy leading up to this.

With the last one born, our Heartbreaker adds brokenheart #3 to the list.  We have 7 more drones, so it will work out for her perfectly.

I apparently never took pics of the kids before throwing them out.  I do have some from the family tree portion of my day.


Carl                                          Carrie                                   Chris

Carol                                   Chad                                     Cathy

See you next time for Drone 4 and kids #19-24.


5 thoughts on “Drone 3 and the Great Lag

  1. Oh I’m liking the blue skin with her hair a lot!
    Those first babies are really cute.

    I never played the Beaker’s much in TS2 but he looks nothing like Loki Beaker LoL Loki was hideous! Is he supposed to be a child of the Beakers? There’s no way they’d have a kid even half that handsome. I think it’s hilarious LoL

    1. Loki and the wife were remade for sims 3. The person made him almost the same, but she refused to make him ugly(LOL) he is their son though…I think. QB’s man jaw attacked these poor babies.

  2. The option to ask a sim to move in is a friendly interation. I personally think it should be under both the friendly and romantic options, but that’s the Sims for you.

    1. IKR! It took forever for me to find that. I never use nice/friendly interactions. All my sims get the inappropriate trait. It’s Hi/flirt/kiss in seconds. LOL

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