Drone 5 – A Total Mess

Well, it took what seems like years, but at the end of this update we will officially be at the halfway point.  The title explains it all.  Everything happens from bad cc and deformed children to betrayals.  From cheating boyfriends to making enemies.   A missing ghost lover finally makes his return.


Joey Lawson was chosen as Drone 5.

Beelinda caught up with Drone 5 at the park.  They got to know each a little bit and he was invited to move in.  He was agreeable to that invite.

Before leaving, they took advantage of the Treehouse.

So these previous pics are about a week old.  I moved a bunch of families around and then had to find all my patterns and missing cc.   In doing that, I found new ones and have done a little bit of redecorating around the house.

Redownloaded my EA store stuff.  Yay!  Kitchen got back to normal and then redecorated.

Here is one side of the nursery.

I wanted a gnome, so I made Beelinda explore the Catacombs.

She ended up with seeds and other stuff, but no gnome.

Oh yeah.  She got a rainbow gem too.

Okay, this one actually made me laugh.

A few hours later, she stopped mid-step.

Even the new pregnancy could not fight off the horrors of the Catacombs.  I almost felt sorry for her…almost.

The living room got some new color too it also.  Joey is sneaking a book instead of writing one.

Joey brought a cat in with him.  One of Ninja Queen’s green ones.  So they now have two cats and a dog.  Their socials were dropping a bit so I had Beelinda make them some gourmet food.

She put the food out and he promptly aged up to elder.  I must have been really bored when he was born.  I named him Kevin.

Beelinda:  Remember that time we had a bit of fun in the tree house?
Joey:  Yes, I remember it quite well.
Beelinda:  Well, we need to buy a teddy bear for the baby that it produced.
Joey:  Baby?
Beelinda:  Yep, it’s due any minute by the way.

I meant that literally.  She never even finished her food.

They quickly made sure that another was on the way.

Unfortunately, halfway through, Joey’s dad died. Sad smile

Your  hair is seriously going to kill that kid.  Meet Eric Drone.

Oh, what a cutie!

Still has sad face every time I see him.  I snuck a peak and his mom is due to pass any time now too.  I also did not realize that he was a full Adult and 19 days from elder.  We still have 5 kids to go too.

Whew!  Make that four to go.

Joey came out of his funk long enough to teach Eric to walk and then spend some quality time together.

I finally had to send him off to his mom’s house.  He was stir crazy and with his dad’s passing I thought he might need some mommy time.

Eric was in the mood for pegs, talking not so much.  However, he was very interested in going swimming.  Too bad he’s too small.  Beelinda was also forced to watch Kidz tv for endless hours.

So cute!  You’re about to be able to go swimming, little man.

This is what alerted me to the bad cc.  It came over from the exchange while trying to find men for the 100 baby challenge.  Took several hours over two days to hunt down the person and delete him and then track down all the hidden parts of him.  There was a shirt too.

Eric: I am unamused about aging up into woman’s boots.

Oh and this brat aged up to the Diva trait. o.O

Apparently cake + Beelinda = Labor and Delivery.

Kevin:  Little human, stop that.  She’s had 25 kids already.

To spare everyone, I quickly had her head to the nursery to finish the delivery.

Then the game crashed.

Poor Eric has to age up again, hopefully this time will not have the traumatic woman’s boots incident.

Our timing must be off this time around.  She never got her cake.

Yay for boys shoes!

and twin girls.  Meet Evelyn Bee and Elvira Bee.

Eric kept up the cuteness.

Ugh. He had just recently gotten over his father’s death and now it’s on to his mother.

Sylvia is one of Beelinda’s grandkids that came home with Eric after school.  I think she belongs to one of the “C” kids, since all the A and B kids are almost elders and their kids are approaching full adult.

Here is Evelyn and Elvira ready to start doing some skilling.

If you must know, I had to cheat on this one a lot.  Beelinda and Joey don’t like each other much and never even speak much less want to woohoo.  All of the babies were conceived in the shower after me having to force them.  She is constantly pregnant and skilling.  This will be a super quick update, I hope.

Time for some birthdays.  Elvira and Evelyn skilled quickly with Joey finally over his mourning and able to actually contribute.

The newest craze across Simland.  Labor and delivery while trying to have birthdays.

She quiickly got to the nursery before the girls even went sparkly.

We got girl #3, which is all she ever gets.  The next two will probably be boys.   This one is Emily Bee.

This is the best crop of kids yet.  All have decent traits.  They never fight and they are cute.

Little Emily is so cute.  She actually was forgotten about and aged up on the floor without cake.

Mom is quickly there to get her walking.  Too bad we forgot to do the potty training.

He was coming over to confess cheating on her when she popped.  As you can see, kids music is blaring already.  At the rate they’re going, we need twins bad.  He went out and impregnated four people this update, that’s why you haven’t seen him much.  When the people start dropping babies, they all end up being Beelinda’s great-grandkids! Disappointed smile

Well, he finally got it said.  She understandably got upset.

She had only yelled at him and walked away.  He followed her and yelled at her back.

Joey it seems switched teams.  He has 3 pregnant men out in town and we just added Carl Drone, the most hated man in Sim History, to his recent collection.  Beelinda caught him cheating red-handed.  Joey is pregnant by one of Beelinda’s grandkids.

It was the last straw and she quickly dumps him.  (please, please be having twins).

She then went out to chat with Carl D, who was having a massive freak out over nothing.

Three sim hours later, she has her first child enemy.  She was the only one in the world that would talk to him.  He has 25 enemies.  No lie.  26 now.  She declared him her enemy and made him leave the house.

This was probably my most favorite moment of the update.

Beelinda:  Your Mama is a Llama!
Carl D:  You imbecile.  You’re my Mama!
Beelinda: Oh yeah.  Your Dad is a Llama!

Right as Carl D ran out the door, Joey switched to his maternity wear.  Him and Beelinda are still in the green oddly enough.

Until now.  She has officially made him her enemy.

Little Emily:  I am sick of blocks people.  Someone teach me something…Anything!

With absolutely no time left, Beelinda finally gets cracking.

These three play blocks for a bit and then play with their IF’s for a bit.

I really can’t remember, but I think she learned all her skills.  Beelinda finally sets her down…

Then went promptly into labor.

Emily’s birthday photo.

I was trying to get the girls outside to play with blocks when Beelinda tried to sneak a trip to the hospital.  I made her go to the nursery.

Here is little Esther and Elsa.

I really can’t believe she managed 5 girls.  All the previous kids were 3/3.  I also do not keep apples or watermelon on hand.

Only Emily is left in the block skilling department.  Everyone else is there so that they can become best friends.

The lone boy finally made it to teen.  He was glad to get away from all the girl power.  I think Joey gave birth at one point to a little girl also.  She was named Vanessa.

Before getting his makeover, Eric skilled up little Esther while Beelinda took care of Elsa.

I heard the music and got all happy then.

Sinbad never comes out when Beelinda has a boyfriend.  The affair is 97 years strong.

At this point, most of the A kids are dead and the B’s are starting get ready to pass too.

Some fun and games with Sinbad closes out our Beelinda time.

Esther and Elsa are officially old enough to move out with their dad and siblings.  They also take Spot and Kevin with them.  Leaving just Beelinda and Hazel.

Joey has these 6 kids, plus 8 others.

Our final farewell.  They moved out and the game deleted them.  I have not decided if I am following the rules and redoing Drone 5 or not.   I had aged up a couple of the girls to YA and had plans for their future in their own legacies and challenges, so I’m seriously too bummed to think about that now.

Beelinda did not even pick out a Drone 6 like she has done in past updates .  Beelinda is taking a break to think things over for a couple of days.  Stay tuned.


The First 6 – Where Are They Now?

I thought it would be nice to do a check up on the first six kids.   I will not be doing any CAS changes or saving the game as I will be changing from family to family.

Drone 1
I just found out that Darrin Peters – Drone 1 is dead.  I have no clue when.

Darrin Peters –  6 kids with Beelinda.  Married Alyssa Peters and had a daughter named Hilda.  Hilda is in high school and she is dating Danny.

Andrew –
Andrew currently lives alone with his cat, Stripe.  Stripe is one of the last litters that Ninja Queen had.  She is two days from turning elder.  Andrew’s LTW is to be a Descendent of Da Vinci.  He is 13 days from being an elder.  He has one child, Leland and a grandchild, Broderick.  He is enemies with his ex-girlfriend, my Vanilla Simself and his half-brother, Carl Drone.  His other ex-girlfriend, Angela is now married to his brother Atticus.   The mother of his child is Alyssa Peters.  She later married his father o.O

He currently is on good terms with his brothers and sisters.  He has no romantic interests.  He has made it to level 5 of the inventor career.  He has mastered sculpting and inventing and is approximately level 7 in handiness.

Leland is four days from full Adult.  He is married to Amy who is already an adult by about 4 days.  She has one daughter named Natalie.  She is the sister of Drone 5.  Natalie’s father is not listed, so he might have been left in the old town.  They have a son together named Broderick.  Leland is level 7 in culinary.  Amy is level 8 in music.  Leland is enemies with Carl Drone, ex-girlfriend Angela Queen who is now his aunt and my simself.   Amy’s ex-boyfriends include Brandon Drone and Allan Drone.  She hates my simself.

Natalie’s boyfriend is James Beaker.  He is the offspring of Drone 3 and Adriana Bee.  Broderick has Toya Croft as a romantic interests.  He has no enemies or dislikes.  Natalie is set to turn YA this very day and Broderick in nine days.   Natalie hates both of her ex-boyfriends.  They are Chad Drone and Carl Drone.    It should be noted that on further investigation, Toya Croft is the product of Amanda Bee and her husband Eric.

Does anyone else find that Beelinda’s great-grandson dating her grandchild disturbing?

Arianna Bee Lovejoy

Arianna Bee is married to Marcus Lovejoy.  They have three children together, Sebastian, Tavares and Randolph.  Arianna is level 8 in the Medical Career and Marcus is level 10 in the business career.  Sebastian is level 2 in business.  Tavares is on his last day as a teen.  Randolph is on his last day as a child.  Arianna ages to elder in  17 days.  Marcus ages to elder in 13.  Marcus is enemies with Rebecca Farsley, with whom he has a child older than Sebastian with.  He is also enemies with Carl Drone.  Arianna has no known enemies or dislikes.  Her boss is Drone 5, Joey Lovejoy, who also is her brother-in-law.

Sebastian – is enemies with his uncle, Carl Drone.  He has no girlfriend or romantic interests.
Tavares  – has a dislike pink meter for his uncle Carl Drone.  He also has no romantic interests.
Randolph – Has no personal connections with anyone on the planet.  Too young for romance.

Amanda Bee Croft –

Amanda Bee is level 5 in the military.  She is married to Eric Croft who is level 6 in Politics.  Amanda turns elder in 17 days, Eric in 23.  Neither have any exes listed.  They also have no dislikes or enemies.  Eric has two sisters.  Alyssa Peters and Edith Croft.

They have two daughters, Toya who turns YA in 10 days and Sabrina who turns teen in 5 days.  Toya has Broderick as a romantic interest.  Sabrina is too young.  Neither have enemies or dislikes.

Allan Drone Queen –
He was at work so I had to take him into CAS to see what he looked like.  He is married to Juston.  Allan is level 5 military.  Juston is unemployed.  Allan has two children, one of them is with Juston.  Allan turns elder in 17 days, Juston in 22.  Allan has an ex-girlfriend in Amy Queen (married to Leland).  He is enemies with ex-girlfriend Rebecca Farsley.  Juston barely knows 5 people.

Children – The first is Olga, but she does not live in the house.  We will check on her in a bit.  The other is Rene.  He has no dislikes, enemies or romantic interests.  He is 10 days to YA.  Aha.  Olga’s mom is Rebecca Farsley.  Let’s mosey over to their household.  Olga just turned YA.  She has a step-sister that lives with my simself.  She is level 2 in music.  She has no dislikes, enemies or romantic prospects.

Atticus Drone Queen –

Business level 10.  Married 2 kids.  Angela Queen level 7 in Music.

The oldest son is Tony.  He will be a teen in five days.  Jimmie is a toddler for two more days.

Adriana Bee

Lives with  her son James Beaker.  She is currently level 5 in the military.  She turns elder in 18 days.  She has no romantic interests.  Her enemies/dislikes include: Jillian Croft, Nate Farsley, ex-boyfriend Jonathon Beaker, Artie Croft, Lyndsay Farsley, ex-boyfriend Drone 2 and ex-boyfriend Drone 5 and Carl Drone.

James has one dislike, his girlfriend Natalie Queen.  He turns YA in 9 days.

Drone 4 – Part 2

Here is Sunset Valley 2.  It was a completely empty world.  I stole borrowed some buildings from Richdre’s Mesa Flats, because I trust his worlds and the buildings that he puts in them.

I put all rabbitholes in one area.  Hopefully that doesn’t bite me in the ass later on.

We put Beelinda and co. with the house within walking distance of the hospital.  She went there on the first day and explained her situation.  They immediately put her name on one of the room doors and pre-registered her for life.

As you can see, with moving to Any Game Starter, the backup cc folder was replaced therefore, all stuff lost with my downloads folder and was using the backup folder has been replaced with base game junk.  My Futureshock Kitchen will need to be downloaded from the EA store again.

Awwww!  Daisy and Danny are so cute!  Of course the cute really is framed by a MASSIVE jaw.   They have man jaws! Sad smile

Getting a jump start on skilling.


Baby Dakota is now being introduced to you.

No swing means that he immediately gets a birthday.

I wish we could keep P-apple around just for babies!

Now we have three toddlers that need skilling.

Or so you thought.  Here is Danny on his birthday.

and across the table is twin, Daisy.

The nose and jaw really distract me from seeing their cuteness.

P-apple is doing some early morning, half-naked skilling.


Not to be outdone, a half-naked Beelinda takes over while Daisy and Danny chat about the lame cake at the party.

Cue kids music.  I’m hoping for twins to finish out this update.

Not sure how this little guy came about, but he looks to have been stolen from the Vinson family.  I need to check my SP settings.  I hate when they nab people and critters from the bin.

Well, we made it to Dakota’s birthday, despite there being a slight problem for P-apple to actually locate the cake.

The record breaking amount of cute just came to a crashing halt.  Man jaw, giant nose and creepy eyes all hit this poor little guy.

Time is just flying this time around.

Darla is now a teen.

Oh no!  The game is borked!  Why else would they all be sitting together at the same time?

I am getting annoyed that she has painted the same painting three times in a row.

We interrupt repetitive painting for baby birthing!


Eek pre-makeover pic

Here is little Daffodil.  Cute even with the jaw and nose.  She got Beelinda’s pointy ears too.


Darla kidnapped her away from the parents so she could do the skilling.

Finally got some of P-apples royalties.  We finally started furnishing the upstairs.

Time is still flying by.  Daffy (lmao) has learned all she can in the hopes of tasty cake.

That darn jaw again.  I swear poor Daffy would be so cute if not for that.

The last one.  I don’t like this part Sad smile

Only a Tart boy can pull this look off, and P-apple is nothing but Tart!
P-apple:  Bitch, please.  Better hoes than you have tried to keep a Tart boy down.

(this hurts me..he really really adored her).  P-apple:  You will regret this, bitch.  Hurry up and pop my kid out.

Uh oh!  The emotionless bitch is showing emotions?!!?  Beelinda:  I didn’t mean it, P-apple.  It’s my commitment issues!  Forgive me?

A/N:  Please note her face.  I finally put my foot down.  Sometime prior to this pic, I sent her to get plastic surgery on her face.  She got a nose job, jaw work done and freckle removal.  We’ll keep an eye on the kids, her nose still looks like it might cause trouble.  I just this second noticed that her head is shaped like a Plumbob.  Crap!

P-apple:  Pop the kid out or I will strangle you where you stand.  Get out of my sight.

P-apple:  Your only worth is in your ability to pop kids out like Pez dispenser.

I swear she should have popped that kid out a week ago.

Ugh!  I need a moodlet manager STAT..too bad I said I wouldn’t get one.

Danny and Daisy are on their way to Teendom.

Oh gosh. I ❤ her.  There is no mistaking her ancestors.  She even grew into the nose and jaw a bit.

Poor Danny.  His jaw just got bigger.  Not ugly, but certainly not attractive.

Her persistent pouty face is getting annoying.  She pouts over everything…especially P-apple.

It’s finally time.  That’s good, I guess.

You can tell by her face, that she knows what happens next.  I found more rules that I will post a link too on Sims 3 forum.  They state to toss them out when the last one hits toddler age.  I like that idea.   She’s carrying the last one, Darwin.

He turned out so cute.  Pineapple and the kids moved out when he had his toddler birthday.  I just now took his childhood pic.

Drone 5 has been picked out.  Joey Lovejoy.  His brother is married to Arianna Bee.  His sister, Amy is married to Beelinda’s grandson Leland, and together they have a teenage son named Broderick, Beelinda’s only great-grandchild.  No, I didn’t realize this until after he moved in.  We were blinded by the pink and blue hair.

Beelinda is now up to 24 of 60 kids.  Joey is the halfway point.   Stay tuned to our next adventures in babymaking.

Drone 4 – Part 1

I let Beelinda have a couple of days off to get used to the new town and to actually learn some skills.

We plopped the Tart of Twinbrook in game and then had Beelinda hunt him down.  Unfortunately, SP gave him the job of consignment shop person.  It took longer than usual to get close to him.

Day 1 – They became acquaintances and then he ran off to work.

Day 2 – Beelinda;  Sure, I’ll tell you I’ll marry you if that’s what it takes to get you to move in.

P-apple:  Oh, yes.   Please, lie to me and abuse me like I did to all those women in Twinbrook.

Day 3 – Guess who finally was informed how to get someone to move in?  Me!  It worked too.  I do have to get him as a boyfriend for the Heartbreaker LTW, but at least I figure it out.

Beelinda:  How about we hit the sheets?

Pineapple proves, yet again, how potent his deposits are.

Beelinda got a job in Culinary since she has almost maxed her cooking skill, which isn’t surprising after 18 kids.  P-apple will be staying home and doing something constructive there.

Some construction pics of the house.

Pool area and behind that is the playground.

Nothing on this side besides the slip n slide and trampoline.

Outdoor toddler area is equipped with riding toys, pegs, xylophone, blocks and potty.  You will also find the cathouse.  Stairs lead up to a deck, inside the 2nd floor is nothing but skilling items.  Well, there will be one day as the money kinda went kaput.

I had an issue with raised land and none of the cheats worked.  Luckily it’s only noticeable from the backyard.

Lost my patterns when I deleted the downloads folder on accident.  I can’t figure out where I got my Bee pattern from.

Beelinda is about to be a Great-Grandma for the first time!

She’s going to pop soon!

I’ve had Pets since it came out.  5 months later, I finally figured out how to get the cats to learn to hunt.  I blame the fact that I normally have horses running around instead of cats.

Jake is being cute!

Ninja Queen has her litter of two!


Drone 1 child is now going steady with the Drone 3 Father. o.O

We need to work on Beelinda’s LTW, so we conned P-apple into becoming her boyfriend.

Those two worked fast!


Going into labor while cooking is never good.

She ran off to the hospital while I attempted to get P-apple to finish cooking.  He didn’t have the option so he ran after Beelinda.


Baby 1 of 6 is Darla Bee.

Their socials are hovering in the red.

Beelinda takes care of Jake first.  Then does the same with Ninja Queen.

Man:  We brought your newest family member.
Beelinda;  Yay!


Time to add some woof to the house.  Puppy cuteness!

P-apple is so cute!

P-apple is now a self-employed writer.  By the time him and his kids move out, he’ll be making $70k a week in royalties.   Too bad he left poor Beelinda broke.

Beelinda: Ohhh hunny!!
P-apple:  Yes?
Beelinda:  I’m ovulating…run!


Cool.  Hopefully your mom is too.

Looks like we have a baby.

This is how Ninja spends her day.

More babies!

Jake decided to see what all this hunting stuff was about.

Little bit of Darla spam.

Eek!  That’s not good.

Yay..only took 500 years.

…and in a flash of light…

We find out how kitties are really born.

Which makes us run for cake time.

Tart mouth, Blackberry eyes and Beelinda’s ugly.  Poor thing.  I was really hoping the Tart genes would drown out Beelinda’s ugly.

Now that we know that baby 2 is on the way…

Beelinda and Sinbad’s secret affair has been ongoing for 40 years now.

P-apple:  Haha!  You can’t dock me points for this!

Apparently Allan and Christopher Steel didn’t last more than a day.   Juston is the new man in his life.

Our aptly named Spot ages up to adult.

Middle of the night skilling for Darla…

and P-apple.

I am having a heck of a time keeping their social bars up.  Not sure what is wrong.

Darla has learned everything she can.

Not too bad considering how she looked as a toddler.  I can really see the Tart/Sorbet genes.

Gigantor was out socializing when labor happened.

She walked to the hospital.

She came out with Danny.

P-apple has Daisy.

Next up is on the way.

This is where we leave off.  I had to move them to a new town as SV just was not the place to be, plus this update got really long.  Next up are the next three kids.

March 13 – Oops.  Thought I posted this.  My bad.  *runs off to upload so we can get part 2 up today*

Drone 3 and the Great Lag

If you read my Vinson Boolprop EPIC, then you have met Asterix and his son, Roarke.   Today, we will be meeting one half of Asterix’s parentage.  The only changes I made to Jonathon Beaker, was his hair color.  It’s normally a dark brown/black.

The Beaker’s were a TS2 family.  Someone remade them for the Sims 3 and someone else put them in a game.  Jonathon was one of the results.

I am hoping he breaks the chain of ugly kids that make up the first 12.  Beelinda has not produced any nice looking kids despite having 2 attractive drones previously.

Jonathon Beaker is Brave, Family-oriented, Ambitious, Nurturing Natural Cook.
I want Master Suite back just for the man jammies!  I liked the bathroom stuff too.

I had stuck a young again potion in Beelinda’s inventory and she autonomously drank it right as she walked up to greet him.

I still hadn’t figured out how to get someone to move in at this point, so we did it through the power of Twallan, but not until we got up to boyfriend status…She’s a heartbreaker you know.

Not sure if he was trying to impress her or what, but he felt the need to put on his bathing trunks.

Success.  We have boyfriend 3 to procreate with.  I’m gonna be sad when she has to break his heart.

Hopefully this is a successful start to the next batch of baby drones and queens.

Both Fitz and Bodica went elder.  Oddly enough, they are still popping out kitties.

We got our confirmation.

Her and Jonathon decided to try out this daycare stuff.   They both wished to quit after the first day.  So did I for that matter.


Here is Carl Drone

and Twin Carrie Bee.

I will not have many pics for this first portion because the lag was bad, and I just played and took highlight pics.

I finally got around to her new hairdo.  She gets one after every young again potion.

One of our last Toddler skilling pics in Santa Teresa.

No time for the library we set the twins up in the front yard with the books.

This sucked.  I tried to debugenable her and waited until the 105th hour before finally ending the pregnancy.  I had planned to do an instant baby with twins, but decided against that.  I just went and had them start again.

Here she is at 105 hrs.  She still rubbed her tummy and smiled at it.  Jonathan still came up to listen to it.  It was not a phantom pregnancy, she just wouldn’t pop.

FOUR kitties this time.  They were soon given to family members, and they did make the trip to SV.

I think the face masks are so adorable.

This was different though.  It had a faint yellow patch on the forehead and customary yellow tipped ears, but the rest was pretty plain, but nice.

Two looked like this.


We did not get the twins back that we lost, but we did get this little guy.  Meet Chris Drone.



Yeah, no spacing out this time.  We had to make up for lost time.

Sinbad doing the Freak Out dance.  Toddler skilling was not going well, so the first two have not gotten caked yet.

Here is Chris almost caught up to his older brother and sister in the skilling department.

Here he is post makeover.

This is when the move happened.  A lot was in testing and no pics were taken.  When I noticed the lag was gone, I decided not to quit and replay.

Here are the current kids in the house.

Carl DroneCarrie Bee
Here are Carl and Carrie

Chris Drone
Chris that followed them.

Carol BeeChad Drone
Then twins Carol and Chad.  I’m glad I did end up getting twins again.

We are now starting the Sunset Valley portion with only one more child to go.  Jonathon was not successful in destroying Beelinda’s ugly genes.  Although, Carol is absolutely adorable to me.  I am so glad to see a different hair color finally.

I literally just dropped Fitz in the game, so off to reattach the family tree and get the last kid popped.

Christopher Steel is always gay in my games.  You better make Allan happy!

Allan is my first gay sim in months.  I went in last week and adjusted the settings.  Glad to see that it worked.

I didn’t have to reattach Fitz!  Yay, but there are three kittens of his not showing up.  They do show up for Bodica, so they have to be in town somewhere.  Bodica is having kittens, I didn’t realize this at the time of the move.  This will be their last litter.  The kitten on the far right is the heiress.  She is called Ninja Queen.

We lost our set of books and so they will work on pegs and music while Beelinda runs to the store.


Too bad you’re about to spend all your money on books.  You look like you need a spa treatment.

Ninja Queen:  What is it?  Is it a new flower pot?
Carl:  No, Ninja, it’s just a pot to piss in.

When the elevation was off, I did the constrainfloorelevation thing.  The house and people got half buried.  We lost the potties and other random stuff.

The rules are for Sims 3, but one rule states that to make it fair to Sims 2 players, we can’t use our rewards.  I say that is bull.  I could care less what the Sims 2 people can or can’t do.  I think it’s time I veer off the path of the rules a slight bit and go my own way.  I’ll still follow a majority of them, but if she can earn the points, she can spend them.   I do agree that the moodlet manager, Motive Mobile and fertility treatment will not be bought.  Just the other crap.

I had her buy the No Bills Ever, Steel Bladder, Dirt Defiant and the Collection Helper.

Already?  Poor Drone 1

March 8, 2012 – Coming in to post the rest of the pics that I forgot about.  I totally thought this was done and ready to be posted.   I did the family tree just now so that will be posted soon.   Memory is faulty, so we will just have to wing it.

It looks like Chris is finally getting a birthday.  I have no clue what kids got what skills.

Meet the last one, Cathy Bee.  I believe she immediately had her birthday.

Labor and delivery must have been especially hard after the weird 105 hr pregnancy leading up to this.

With the last one born, our Heartbreaker adds brokenheart #3 to the list.  We have 7 more drones, so it will work out for her perfectly.

I apparently never took pics of the kids before throwing them out.  I do have some from the family tree portion of my day.


Carl                                          Carrie                                   Chris

Carol                                   Chad                                     Cathy

See you next time for Drone 4 and kids #19-24.