Packing Up For a Move

The Bee Family was attacked by lag.  I packed up the family, drones and kids and their spouses and kids and they went to Sunset Valley.  I play tested them for several sim days and they seem to be okay.  I killed off a lot of Sunset Valley residents that I never like or didn’t want around.  I left about 20 people there.  Drone 3 will start off at the first town and the move will be about midway through.

I was unable to get the houses to work.  They sink into a crater when placed.  I put them in regular SV homes until I can build up some more homes for them.


3 thoughts on “Packing Up For a Move

  1. I got the family moved into Sunset Valley as mentioned. I had forgotten Fitz (!!), so I went back to the save and deleted the family out of the house except for Fitz and added my Simself to the house too. I save the 3 to the bin and transported it over to SV. I moved the Goths and deleted their home. I plopped the Queen house in it’s place, merged them and moved out the simself, who will happily traipse around Sunset Valley for her lifespan. Slight land elevation issue, but I think I have it fixed. So far, it looks like this worked. No lag and everyone is happy. I think one of the A kids even got married and Paker Langerak has FOUR Queen girlfriends. Updating shall commence now that I have two families to play while I fix the rest.

  2. I hate when houses do that, it’s because different towns/worlds have different height levels. I used an empty world that I usually use to make sims in to make a lot, oddly enough it was for a Bee sim I made for Lunar Lakes. When I placed the lot in Lunar Lakes it sunk into the ground :c .I was not pleased.

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