Packing Up For a Move

The Bee Family was attacked by lag.  I packed up the family, drones and kids and their spouses and kids and they went to Sunset Valley.  I play tested them for several sim days and they seem to be okay.  I killed off a lot of Sunset Valley residents that I never like or didn’t want around.  I left about 20 people there.  Drone 3 will start off at the first town and the move will be about midway through.

I was unable to get the houses to work.  They sink into a crater when placed.  I put them in regular SV homes until I can build up some more homes for them.


Drone 2 – On Our Way to 12

Well, we kicked out the first batch and they moved in next door.  Beelinda is currently chasing after Boyd, the town’s other cop.

As you can see, he isn’t very bright.  I choose to pretend that he is undercover as a chef or something.

Beelinda:  Look, I need a donation.  I should only need 6 or less.  Wanna move in with me (nope, still don’t have the option to move in. I think it’s a myth.) and start contributing?

If Beelinda was able to speak, she would probably let you know that he said yes.

Donations were quickly tested out.

Streak aged up, but he is so needy it’s unreal.  He will be sold after some skilling.  We choose kitties instead.

We have confirmation of a successful donation.  Yay for #7 in the oven.

I really don’t interact with the drone’s much.  They are pretty useless.  He just stands staring at the chemistry set.

Boyd:  *singing*  If I only had a brain lalalala

At least he’s pretty nice to look at.

Conflicting traits kinda suck.  They actually don’t like each other that much.

With the young again potion in easy making distance, Beelinda took up painting.

The first batch are starting to hit Teen stage.  I will be throwing their updates in too.

Andrew Drone is (of course) our first teen.

She finally popped out #7 – Brandon Drone

I will space the kids out one day, I swear.  #8

Baby fun!   So cute!

Here is our confirmation Smile

Nothing says let’s celebrate teenagedom than babies…I guess.
Andrew:  I learned it by watching you, mom!
Beelinda:  I couldn’t care less since I won’t have to raise it.

Beelinda gets more and more interested in the maid as time goes by.  I might have to pencil him in for #4.

For being EA based, he is actually quite cute.  I gave him some color, but that’s about it.  I didn’t even think to peek at his traits.

Brandon Drone – #7

Finally got around to showing the houses.  I’m lazy that way.  The challenge calls for a “Worker house” with a master bedroom, 2 regular bedrooms and basic necessities.  I did that and put child toys in also.  It sells for just under 19k.  The outside is boring and ugly, so I didn’t even take pics of it.  I hate building.

I went overboard with the “Nursery Home”  Well, they’re Beelinda’s kids, they deserve the best.   One master bedroom for the drone and whoever he marries.  6 bedrooms.  Each bedroom has a desk for homework.  3 of the desks have computers.  There are 3 bathrooms and the kitchen.  Table seats 6.  There is child skilling in the living room with a couch and tv.  Skill room has EVERYTHING.  From painting to sculpting.  From chemistry to drafting.  Tattooing to inventing and even a stylist station.  Oh and 4 instruments for the virtuosos.  Outside has a table to sell their baked goods, trampoline, treehouse and waterslide.  I believe hopscotch too.  With land prices, it hits at a whopping 59-63k.   Yeah.  Mega expensive.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  Beelinda is doing her part this time around.

Without needing the chemistry set done, she gets bored quickly.  She started throwing skilling wants.

Oh yeah.  I got bored with the bee theme (i.e. the yellow is ugly) so I redid the nursery in a more pleasing manner.   I have actually decided to redo the nursery homes after the kids move into them in their favorite colors.

Anyway, Boring Boyd only ever wants to play computer games.  I hate that it blares out so loudly and I can’t turn off the volume.  I wonder if there is a mod for that?  So, he does skilling too.

*Jenn* wanders off to find a mod for that computer sound problem. –  20 minutes later we have No autonomous computer game mod to install.  Yay.

Beelinda finally remembered to check the first batch for birthday pics.  Okay, Andrew, Arianna and Amanda are all teens now.

Babysitter taking out the trash?  Wow!  Too bad I can’t remember her name.

Little Bertram Drone is now added to the family tree.

This update is really boring since Beelinda hates Drone 2.  Her and Drone 1 were almost soul mates, it was sorta sad that he accused her of cheating.

*Jenn*  Why did you just halt all things cued up?
Beelinda:  Well, two things happened simultaneously.

Considering the oldest is still a teen, yes, you are too young to be a grandma.  Yay for #9 in the oven.  At least Boring Boyd has good donations.

Speaking of soulmates.  Drone 1 calls at least twice a day to chat.

The next three become teens too.  Here are Allan, Atticus and Adrianna.  All of the first six made it to the teen years.

Kitties!!  I do have an adoption page for the kittens.

Mom cat is black with yellow stars and the dad cat is yellow with black stripes.

Brandon turned into an interesting looking child.

As he slams down some cake, we get to age up Bertram too.

Kinda cute.

We took our trip to the library to read skill books (he’s the second family I have tried this on after finding out about it).

Beelinda:  There’s a bug.  It’s waving at me behind my back.  Make it stop!

I love the no swarming mod.

He just keeps skilling.  He doesn’t even care what’s going on over yonder.

Meet Brenda Bee – #9

These things are evil.  He has been on that for hours.


Drone 1 is having a party.  So we walked next door to see how things are doing.  It was lame and she went home.

Confirmation that donation 10 is now baking.

She finally got Brandon to do something that will add to his skill set

Beelinda’s first non-fridge art work.

This was very random…and creepy from this direction.  This is her true soul mate.  She literally pines at his urn.  We still haven’t gotten the opportunity to make him “real”.

Bertram and Brenda have their birthdays.

Almost complete.  Another is on the way!

The obvious thought bubble kinda made me giggle.  I was like, No, Really??

7 hrs later, she ‘s still going.

Meanwhile, more Kitties!

These are the first three up for adoption.  They are on the regular blog Here

Just a random moment between Beelinda and Brandon.

Last one is confirmed.

More kitties.  I thought they were rather strange looking.  Forgot to put them up for adoption.

Not sure why I don’t have their baby pics.  Here are Braedon and Becky.

Brenda’s turn to become a child and the last one is ready to greet the world.

Boring Boyd:  When are you going to make an honest man out of me?
Beelinda:  Well, I have been waiting just for this occasion.  Boyd?  Will you…..

…quit asking stupid questions.  I only needed you for the donation to make 6 spawn.  You have done that.  Just hang around here until the last one has the child birthday and then take them and get out.

Boring Boyd:  You just callously plan to throw me and our precious children away?
Beelinda:  Um, yeah.


Soon she gets the twins skilling and pops out Bridget Bee.

She uses a Young Again potion and hunts down Drone 3 – He’s basically awesome.  I have no rude nickname for him.  In another world and in different colors, he is Asterix’s dad and Roarke’s grandpa.  Meet Jonathon.

Here are the updated pics for ALL children, listed in order of birth.

Drone 1 – The “A” Bee’s and Drone’s.  All are YA now.

Child 1 - Andrew DroneChild 2 - Arianna Bee
Andrew and Arianna
Child 3 - AmandaChild 4 - Allan
Amanda and Allan

Child 5 - AtticusChild 6 - Adrianna Bee
Atticus and Adriana.

Andrew’s child, Leland is now a teen.

Drone 2 – The “B” Bee’s and Drone’s.

Child 7 - Brandon DroneChild 8 - Bertram DroneChild 9 - Brenda Bee
Here are Brandon, Bertram and Brenda.  I don’t have a pic yet, but Brandon is currently a teen in my game.

Child 10 - Braedon DroneChild 11 - Becky BeeChild 12 - Bridget Bee
Here are Braedon, Becky and Bridget.  Becky and Braedon were the only twins this time around.

Next time we meet, we will be adding 6 new beings into the world.  We will also be having the last (maybe) litter of kitties.  Both Bodica (mom) and Fitz (dad) are elders now.

I will also be making some changes.  I don’t play Sims 2 and I can’t stand the age settings.  I am moving down to my regular settings that I use for all my legacy/challenges.

Beelinda’s Intro and Drone 1

Beelinda:  You’re making me do what?  You can’t seriously think you can accomplish this.

You are and you will.

Hello and welcome to my testing of a Sims 3 version of the Queen Bee Challenge.  I’ll put the complete rule set on the about page shortly, but here is a quick overview.

“You are a female human sim who has been approached by a colony recruitment team. You have been tasked with one goal: Populating and taking over a new colony island. Your goal is to have 60 live offspring successfully reach adulthood. You will need to find and recruit male “drone” bees to breed with. Do not marry them – you are not here to fall in love, merely to procreate. Each male must move in and do whatever he can to help and care for you while he provides the genetic material for six children. Once all six have reached at least “child” age, the male is to move out and take all six children with him – so your choice of breeding partner matters – he will also be caring for your future generations!”  – WyldhawkeQueen Bee Challenge for Sims 3

Introduction –

Tester Queen Beelinda Queen

Traits:  Inappropriate, Handy, Genius, Family Oriented, Commitment Issues.
Favorites:  Songwriter, Falafel, Black

Be prepared, since this is a test, I went a little overboard in the bee department.

One thing that this challenge does say is to use Ambrosia.  I say this is a test right?  So, let’s do my favorite way.  Chemistry set to Young Again potion.   It’s the only way to go.

Beelinda:  My favorite color is black.  You just happen to be wearing black.  Let’s make baby bees together.

Sims + Inappropriate trait = Win.    Three interactions and bam!  Kiss and Romantic interest.

Beelinda was just about to invite him back to her place for some shower fun.  When this happened.  I was like Oh Hell No!

Beelinda has a brain.  She took off running.  Sinbad does not have one.  He got smooshed.

Space rock sold for $7K!!!

Buh Bye Sinbad.  *Jenn* Ignores grave rule.  I have plans for the contents of said grave.

The other two Drone seeds.  They were planted when Beelinda was.  I girl must have options!   It looks like one of the seeds almost got smooshed by the Meteor too.   We choose the smart one.

Beelinda and I were expecting a Yeti protest.  She was hysterically amused by the “F*ck Tha Police” chant going on by the towns two COPS!

Beelinda:  Look, Drone.  I see that you’re an idiot and I don’t have enough of those in my life.  I’m walking around in my underwear because I’m trying to get the two of you attracted to my honey.
Drooling Idiot:  It’s working.  *blank stare*

Cool, I had totally forgotten his name.  Darrin the Drone.

Cue inappropriate trait kiss #2 for the day.

Beelinda has a naughty rep.  Oh hellz no.  Sinbad is DEAD!  Ugh!  *kicks stupid EA in the nuts*

Beelinda: *bored*  Wanna watch the stars?
Drooling Idiot Darrin:  *claps like a tard and jumps up and down*  Yay yay!
Beelinda:  You’re splashing drool on me.  Stop!

Best Friends, Romantic Interests and now F*ck buddies.  Still no option to Ask to Move In.  I do have the option to confess to cheating…even though dude was dead before meeting Drooling Doofus.

Drooling Doofus:  *durrrr*  Look what I can do!  Aren’t I fabulous?

Beelinda, put that knife down.  No killing the drones!

Beelinda:  It was for me.  I can’t produce the spawn of this moron.

Testing out the Bf/Gf to see if the Move In option happens.  It does not.

Obligatory pukefest pic…

…and Pop pic.

Popping while cooking is no good.  Great job.  Hello panicking Sinbad.

Drooling Dude was the neighborhood adoption person and we couldn’t talk with him.  So we adopted this baby and he was no longer stuck.  Still can’t ask him to move in.

Darrin the Drone:  *durrr* How’d I get here.  *drool*
Beelinda:  I don’t give a rat’s ass how you got here.  Just get to cleaning or something.

I Edit Towned his ass into her house.

Finally time for #1

Meet Andrew Drone Queen.

How do they celebrate the birth of their first child?  They start on #2 of course.

I almost felt like cheating using this thing.  I have had it since it first came out, but used it like one time due to the, pukefest which is the fast setting.   I chose to put them in here because of the babyfest.  His stats never went down o.O   He stayed in there for 3 days.  LOL

Andrew:  *gurgle gurgle gurgle*

Interpreted:  Best fun ever.  Never wanna grow up.  Stay in here forever.

Beelinda Queen…This is Your Life.   Literally.  She is only allowed to stop to eat, sleep and pee.

Meet Arianna Bee….

..and Amanda Bee Queen.

*Jenn* highly advocates radios and the kids station!

Time for the 1st of 6 birthdays.

1st Toddler pic

Beelinda is still tied to the chemistry table.  Darrin does the skilling before and after work.

A/N: Do not EVER put twins or two children in swings.  They would both beeline (LOL) for the damn things with evil Fast setting intent.  I had no more than cancelled one out, then the other was reaching for it.  Cancel that out and the previous one was going for the other one.  It was chaos.

POP!  #4 is on the way.  Beelinda is still forced to listen to kids music.

Chemistry set blow up causes labor.  Just sayin’

Ignore the recessed lighting that took over the pic and Welcome #4 Allan Drone and Atticus Drone #5 to the family.  Poor Atticus.  The only pic you get is Beelinda trying to pop him out.

*Jenn* runs around to turn off all radios.  No More Twins!

Arianna Bee

Amanda Bee

Either she has finally gone bonkers or #6 is on the way.

If you thought 5 kids in baby to toddler stage was fun, you are WRONG!   This is chaos.  Both babies are sick on the fast setting.  #1 boy is dirty and hungry.  Drooling Dummy is passed out.  #’s 2 and 3 are in cribs screaming and Miss Bee just peed herself and then passes out in the puddle.

I can haz butler now?

These two are never happy.  Even with full green bars all they do is scream and cry.  I can’t find the Drown in Tub option.

#1 Aged up alone because everyone was too busy peeing themselves and passing out.  He aged up in the red.

I still don’t know how they have avoided the social worker.  If one isn’t lonely the other is starving.  It’s unreal.

I died laughing over this.  Oh and that’s #6, Adriana Bee.

Drooling Doofus:  You!  You bitch!  You cheated on me before you met me!  Even though he’s dead, you haven’t become friends with him and so you are still cheating in my eyes.

Beelinda:  I’m glad you finally figured it out, Doofus.  I have the 6th brat.  I am done with you.  You can take them and go as soon as this one becomes a child.

Atticus Drone

Allan Drone

Young Again Potion has been made.  It took I think until #4 and #5 had turned to children.

See that door, Beelinda?  If  you recall it does lead to the bathroom.  She peed the floor anyway.

Then she caught the house on fire.  Mr. Awesome Hot Maid put it out.  Then Beelinda got charged $500 for making a false report.  They were not interested in seeing the fire pics to prove there was a fire.

Here they are 1-6 with Drone 1.  6 kids in 12 days.  Chaos.  Now that the YA Potion is available, I will have them spaced out a bit more.

I saved the game and chose to kick them out as a test.  They moved into the nursery home next door to Beelinda’s house.  Freerealestate was not used.  The next morning Beelinda was hit for $3,000 in child support. Disappointed smile   I went into my story progression and turned that option off.   If I remember correctly  Drone 1 brought in 25k and a lot of additions were put on the house

Enjoy the new house.  See ya around kids.

The next day she went and found the survivor of the Meteor and potential Drone 2.  Stay tuned to see what happens when Beelinda sets her eyes on this guy, Boyd.